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Jun 24, 2008
I know it might not be the right place - but it's not her lack of crafting ability that's my issue just now but her presenting. I've just had IW on in the background and couldn't find my remote, so had to listen to this woman drivelling on and on and on. Half the time she doesn't finish sentences, her voice gets higher and higher as she tries to do "enthusiastic", and at times I've honestly wondered if she's on something! Blimey, she could witter for Europe! -- Oh, correction, most Europeans I know speak far better English than she does- at least they don't use the words Wow, actually and gorjus ad infinitum!!
Before the forum crash last year wasn't some-one being sued by her company for openly stating what was wrong wiht her stuff? Wonder what happened to that.
i think she's more ornament than me :13:

No Mrs James, you are good for a laugh, and we know you enjoy it :wave2: Plus you keep us all on our toes as well ! Sorry, I think SW is as much use as a chocolate fireguard

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