Redpoint Cosmetics???


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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
Has anyone tried this - they look really good - but then don't they always and AY always says how good they all are.

Am very tempted to give it a try - any advice??
go down to your high end department store and try some chanel,guerlain,shiesedo,ysl,mac,etc. at those price points you may as well show off some fancy makeup with some fancy packaging that we all will recognise.
Started to watch this at 5pm, but ended up switching off, due to AY's constant interuptions and talking over the guest. "Literally" very irritating.

Liked the look of the blusher they showed, but it seems very expensive and to be honest, if I'm going to spend that sort of money, I'd rather go to House of Fraser etc and get some Bobbi Brown or MAC.
They seem to be quite well received on QVCUS, and there are a few favourable reviews on, but they are quite pricey for what you get, and why is it that they always use models with fantastic skin, who are young enough to get away with a lick of mascara. Although I don't use Models Prefer / YBF I do admire Stacey for coming on as an older woman with dark circles and redness
Was very tempted during today's show. I liked the look of almost everything (love to try new things!) but far.
Was very tempted during today's show. I liked the look of almost everything (love to try new things!) but far.

I did my best to resist but.................. :54:

I ordered the Redpoint optics effects eye pencil and the StayPut eyeliner pencil duo.
I watched the first few minutes of the show but thought they were quite expensive.
Like others have said,if I'm spending that kind of money I'd rather spend it on a big name brand.
I have also read reviews on QVCUS forums that some of this products are not as good as the Mojave Magic ones they replaced.
I used to love Mojave Magic products - I have a set of their brushes and they are brilliant! Unfortunately, another brand to bite the dust.
I couldn't resist and bought the concealer - I will try it for 30 days and return if it is no good. Famous last words!


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