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Jul 5, 2008
I posted on here last week with the question when is a prize not a prize answer when you dont recieve it :33:
Well John picked up on my thread straight away and asked me to e-mail him ,I did as asked and he sorted it for me and apologised for my disappointment.
i have just recieved a very pretty necklace in smokey quartz which i will try and post a piccy for you to see.
Can i just say sorry to Katherine as i did'nt realise when i e-mailed her about this that the poor girl was ill so that was probably the reason i heard nothing back.Well done rocks once again for the wonderful customer service you give and for keeping your customers happy bunnys:1::1::1:
Ah, that's great Milly, I love smokey quartz, lucky you.

Same thing happened to me Milly - a prize got lost (and it was the courier not Rocks that lost it)

Katherine sorted a replacement for me, a lovely quartz pendant that I adore and wear a LOT - I'm glad that you love your replacement prize too.

Rocks CS is just brilliant

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