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Nice 'n Easy...
Jun 24, 2008
I think she's lovely,elegant, natural and a classic beauty...not too skinny either and doesn't appear surgically enhanced IMHO
She also has a personality,unlike some others!!
I like Tanya too i think her hair is lovely wish mine would go like that but am blessed with thiick hair that grows out instead of down lol
I thought Tanya was the dark haired model,I dont think she's black unless there are 2 Tanyas!Tha one I am thinking of looks about 40,she's white and is naturally pretty if you know what I mean.
Sharon is my favourite model, very elegant, a wonderful sense of humour and a fantastic singing voice.
I like Tania / Tanya too. I think she seems like she'd be fun to go for a drink with. Very down to earth.
Sara G calls her Tonya..does grate abit, how long has she been there? Tanya/Tania/Tonia is too polite to correct her.

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