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Yes, a bit ironic though flogging tanning lotion, as where does she holiday? At her in-laws Caribbean island hotel Eden Roc on St Barts alongside William and Catherine ! Her husband is Spencer Matthews, brother of the bloke Pippa is married to.
Yep I know, but she clearly wants to earn her own bucks - and be.known for that rather than being a "trophy wife".
She says she wore crappy orange, streaky, biscuity -smelling fake tan as a young woman. After pregnancy, she developed hyperpigmentation, so wears spf 50+ sunscreen every day, and fake tans on all her holidays.
I do this too. Although I am not six feet tall, size 6, far from a multi millionaire, and now middle aged.
Also I'd rather buy from her than "Lamellar Woman". Ultimately it's someone loaded that wins when anyone spends their cash!! Fair play to her x
She does the Fairy Washing Powder ads, has done for a few years. Then last year on Really did Haunted Ireland ,the paranormal show.

Oh, and previously married to Ronan Keating but never talks about that. She does get quite a lot of hate in comments from Irish people.

Wrong boyband Donna, it was Brian McFadden that she was married to. God knows how I know or remembered that though 😂😂😂
She does talk about it ; see below
Obvs this is as a result of being quizzed about it. Who wants to talk about their ex's?! 🤣🤢


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Wow she's a beauty! On with Catherine Huntley now selling her self-tan. It's only when compared other humans, do I realise how teeny weeny models are. Though tall she is so very slender.
Love her dress too - unfortunately it's 380 quid!
I think she is beautiful. I have not tried her self tan yet. Traditionally I don't like them.
She does talk about it ; see below
Obvs this is as a result of being quizzed about it. Who wants to talk about their ex's?! 🤣🤢
That could be a different person, in that she looks totally different there.....?
I may be mistaken, but was she some sort of singer too - perhaps opera or classical (memory not foogle)
God it's her, the Fairy woman. I didn't see her flogging fake tan which is probably just as well :censored:

I'm long past caring about brown legs and I'm with Toril about the oompah loompah look. Apart from the Decleor one, fake tans turn me orange or yellow so I'll stick with white. If it's OK for Bry it's OK for me.

I’m another who doesn’t go near fake tan. Don’t care how good they say it is, I’m not convinced that I could use it without making a monumental cock up of the whole thing.
And I’m not convinced that it ever looks natural.
I’ve a 75ml tube of the Gatineau Gradual Tan lurking in the bathroom cupboard. It came out of a beauty advent calendar, but I suspect it will stay there.
I caught the launch show and really liked her as a guest. I’d bought the face tanning mist last year from TK Maxx but the colour is quite strong and it’s very heavily scented. Made me feel a bit sick tbh. A kind of fake fruity scent - probably to cover the biscuit tin underneath 🤣😳
I've never had much success with fake tan either. The worst are the ones that go on clear so you have no idea how they're going to look until they develop, and invariably you've missed a bit so the result is terrible. I have also found that the fake tan "takes"more where the skin is thicker so not only do you end up with streaky arms and legs, your knees and elbows look ingrained.

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