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Jun 24, 2008
Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Has anyone bought Rockport from QVC or anywhere else for that matter? How does the sizing come up? I'm after a pair of the washable trainers but don't want to be bothered faffing about ordering two pairs. MTIA. :spider:
I have a pair of Rockport waterproof boots ~ I have really wide feet (bit like the rest of me!!! lol) I bought them from TK Max and they are soooo comfortable. Not sure that this helps!!!
I bought a pair of the washable trainers when they were a TSV and they were/are so good that I then ordered a second pair in another colour. I'm a Clarks 7 and the Rockport 7 fits me perfectly. I've also washed them and they're great.
I got the Rockport TSV last year and I have to say they are one of the best things I have bought from QVC, so comfortable. They are the ones designed not to be worn with sock so perfect for the summer when we are out a lot and because of the design they don't look silly with no socks and you don't have to wear those horrible little things. I'm a size 5 1/2 to 6 and got a 6 and they fitted perfectly.

I've often wondered why the brand has not featured again much on QVC, but unlike the promotional video I wouldn't walk into a puddle with them unless you want wet feet as they have a mesh on the sides.

Wash well in the machine also.
Thank you for all your constructive comments Ladies. I've decided to go for half a size up after your advice.

I think there is a Rockport TSV on Monday so I shall wait till then, no doubt Sazza or SCW will be able to comfirm this and may have a sniff as to what it is.

As for you Mrs James, what a vile slur on my character. I do not sit on the sofa all day, I also spend time reclining on my chaise longue or snoozing in my Queen Anne Armchair. You really do me an injustice.... :moon:
Rockport Latorio Machine Washable Crossover Trainer Pump
TSV Price £36.71,html?cm_re=Promos-_-TSV-_-P:142576

What the website doesn't tell you is that you are advised to order up a size.
I bought a previous TSV in my actual (half) size and they were slightly tight over my big toe for the first couple of times I wore them but since then I have worn them constantly and they've been through the wash several times.
#12 They did say to order a whole size up Donna, so maybe you'd be OK there?
My daughter is also a tiny size 3 (like you, walks out of 3.5) but I know they said to order her Markon boots a whole size up & although I was a bit dubious, the 4's I ordered fitted her perfectly!
Maybe the Rockports would be the same?
Has anyone gone for these? Are they good value?
Why can't I make my own mind up? LOL

I spent ages umming & aahing over these too! Maybe you're like me & liked the idea of the comfort & technology but couldn't erase from the back of your mind the thought that you would be paying pushing 40 quid for what looks like a glorified pair of plimsolls? :15:
If these were a cheapie then I would possibly have had a pair but they don't look worth the money to me. Also my shoe buying experience from qvc on sizing has been more miss than hit sadly so I would need to really want them to risk the postage.
I bought these because I like to wear trainers & these look a lot less bulky. The cheapest I could see them for on Amazon & other sites was £49.99. I ordered them online, then watched the presentation that said you had to order a size up from your normal size.
I rang CS up straight away & he said that if it turns out to be wrong & they have misrepresented this, then I wouldn't be expected to pay the return postage, if they don't fit.
Think I would have got them by now if I really liked them- I'm a bit too dubious about the sizes as well. I could never get Markon to fit either so gave up with those. 4's a bit too small, 5's are massive.
I could never get Markon to fit either so gave up with those. 4's a bit too small, 5's are massive.

I took a chance with the Markons as they were literally half price for the water-resistant calf-length suede ones & by sheer luck & despite having to order a totally weird size for her, they fitted my daughter perfectly! She loves 'em, wears 'em all the time!

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