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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Not many messages here about things people have bought... Does that mean no-one's buying anything? I hope the channel (or at least the website - I don't watch the shows) survives. They have some nice things, if a little pricey.

I'm not one for posting pictures, but here's a link to my favourite item I've purchased so far: 255

Really lovely. Recommended.
Oh I love that, it is so pretty and you don't often see brooches, well done on a fabulous find. :1: (i am so jealous)
That's lovely MissM. I haven't bought yet, but I can feel the pretty things calling to me :1:
Hi MissMagpie,
That brooch is really lovely :1: I think they do have some really lovely pieces of jewellery some of the prices seem really ok and some a little pricey as you said, I have ordered for the first time today ordered some morganite earrings and star sapphire pendant hopefully I'll be happy with what I receive and happy with customer service etc, what delivery firm? do they use MissMagpie trying to find details on website??? TIA

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