Ninja TSV 23/06/24


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Unfortunately I am planning to be away soon.
Well, here’s hoping that the returns label arrives before the Evri courier does.

I’ve just had an email from Costco and they’re selling it as well and it’s cheaper than the TSV was. Luckily I didn’t want one before and certainly don’t want one now after the hassle you’ve had.
The label arrived 1100, in time to stick it on box, but I'd given up on Evri collecting it as it got later and later, then they arrived at 5pm. Glad it's gone, but I had to stay in the whole day.

And now I want to send something else back, I will probably get "The Letter".
I arranged for a returns via Evri (not QVC). All booked and confirmed. Never turned up but said on tracker that they called and no one was in and they’d collect next working day. Strange as I rarely go out. That was four weeks ago and it’s still saying same, After a week I noticed that RM did returns.
Booked on Saturday for collection Monday, postie collected, back to company two days later, refund received on Friday. They even brought the label. There’s a whole swathe of companies on the Royal Mail list but not QVC. Not sure if they take heavy parcels though.
I've now arranged for collection of my other item, which cost even more than the Ninja!

But this time it was easy, as they will use DPD.

Q don't have to send me a label, DPD will put one on, they will come on the day I choose, and will email me a 2-hour timeslot on the day before.

What a difference!

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