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Ninja Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker with Wood Pellets & Stand
Item Number: 833685
QVC Price £529.00
Todays Special Value Price £299.95
P&P £5.95

Ready for a summer full of epic barbeques? Then Ninja's Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker is what you need! It boasts four cooking functions and is powered by Woodfire Technology, requiring no charcoal, gas or flames. This bundle, which is currently only available at QVC, also comes with the Woodfire Adjustable Stand and additional woodfire pellets to infuse your food with authentic smoky flavours. Discover a new way to cook outdoors and enjoy delicious results with this unmissable bundle from Ninja.
*A great saving: If you were to buy the Ninja Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker with Wood Pellets & Stand individually, directly from Ninja you'd pay £579.96. So, for our Today's Special Value prices of just £299.96 plus P&P, you're saving £274.04.
Feed a crowd - whether you're hosting a family barbecue or cooking for friends at a campsite, this electric grill and smoker is designed with 30% more cooking capacity than the original version. Now you can easily fit up to ten burgers, forty hot dogs, two full racks of ribs and more. Plus, the crisper basket can air fry up to 1.8kg of food, so you can cook more food and keep your guests feeling full and happy!
Cook with confidence - the built-in BBQ thermometer works to provide you with perfectly cooked meat and fish every time. Simply insert the included probe into your food, choose from the pre-set food types, and select your perfect finish from rare to well done. The Smart Cook System continuously monitors your food's temperature as it cooks, and lets you know when it's ready to remove.
Let's get grilling - the BBQ Grill function reaches temperatures of 260C for authentic searing and charring, and is perfect for grilling burgers, halloumi, corn-on-the-cob and so much more.
The BBQ Smoker - the integrated smoker box burns natural wood pellets to create tasty flavours, while a convection fan evenly circulates heat and smoke around the food. If you want to infuse your food with a burst of authentic flavour, this is the function you're looking for.
The Air Fry function - yes, this Ninja appliance also lets you air fry your food! From chips to mozzarella sticks, cook your sides to perfection the healthier way.
Roast mode - take your Sunday roast outdoors with the Roast setting, ideal for crisping up your roast potatoes, chicken and vegetables.
Taste the flavour - the provided woodfire pellets are a real game-changer, created from 100% premium hardwood with concentrated flavours. Just one scoop of the pellets will take your barbeque experience to the next level. Discover the Robust Blend, which gives a classic BBQ flavour, while the All-Purpose Blend delivers a mild yet balanced flavour that's delicious when paired with fish and vegetables.
Woodfire Adjustable Stand - take your outdoor cooking station to new heights with the included adjustable stand and side table. This heavy-duty cooking companion is designed to keep your grill in place, while the side table provides extra space for food prep.
Grill anywhere - powered by electricity, simply plug in and start your hassle-free outdoor cooking experience. No charcoal, gas or flames makes this appliance suitable for use on balconies, patios and other small spaces.
  • Stand: please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • BBQ: please allow 3 - 5 working days for delivery (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • This bundle is currently only available at QVC
  • Water resistant to rating IPX4
  • Designed for outdoor use only
  • Care instructions: hand wash only. The pellet scoop is the only item that is dishwasher safe
  • Colour: grey lid / black body
  • Cord length: 1.7m
  • Unit weight: 18kg
  • Unit dimensions: (h x w x d): 41cm x 57cm x 51cm (16.1" x 22.4" x 20")
  • Grill dimensions: 45cm x 29cm (17.7" x 11.4")
  • Stand dimensions: 66cm x 86cm x 107cm (25.9" x 33.8" x 42.1")

  • 1 x grill plate
  • 1 x crisper basket
  • 1 x removable woodfire smoke box
  • 1 x grease tray and liner
  • 1 x pellet scoop
  • 1 x probe
  • 1 x sample bag of Ninja woodfire pellets (robust)
  • 1 x sample bag of Ninja woodfire pellets (all-purpose)
  • 1 x robust Ninja woodfire pellets (900g)
  • 1 x all-purpose Ninja woodfire pellets (900g)
  • 1 x Woodfire adjustable stand - with one side table, four stand legs, 14 hex screws and one hex key

All measurements are approximate


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