Lulu Guinness TSV 1 August


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Nov 16, 2008
I know some of you don't like her bags but it will be interesting to see what she brings to QVC this time.
My God, another LG bag????????????????:sleepy:

No doubt a week later will be another KvZ TSV :rock:
Yep, all placcy WS, the lot of 'em! Lulu G bags, Kathy vZ bags, plastic rules.......& costs as much as leather apparently! lol

i am surprised Kitten there are not using the motto: "Plastic is the new leather this season." lol
Of course they can use the selling point that by not using leather the bags are suitable for anyone who doesn't want leather as a matter of principle, but I would expect to pay less for a plastic bag than a leather one and that doesn't seem to follow.

BTW note to Lulu Guiness if you are saying you have designed the bags then please do a bit more preparation e.g. knowing what the linings are without having to check!
Here was I thinking for each season she sat down drawing pictures of the bags she was designing for her next collection.
I'm now thinking she just orders a certain bag designs in a type of fabric/finish etc.for her next collection.
Later on she then has no idea what they decided to line it with.
I may have it completely wrong but I have a real feeling that the whole designing from her point of view is based more on the very limited one off's such as the Bird Cage, that grabs her the PR for range.



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