Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare TSV - 4th July


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I have never received ANY offer from QVC, no discount, not even special easy-pay options ! :-(
Maybe it's because I'm in France ?

But they DO sell so much to French people that we have to pay French VAT (19.6%) instead of the QVC prices shown on TV !
aww sorry ok how come?
do you know who gets one?

There will be a number of variables, LL, probably known only to the marketers at QVC. Whether you get a voucher will depend on things like what your average spend is, how long it is since you last ordered, etc.

I've only ever had one offer. It was an easy pay last Christmas.:1:
her foot repair moisturiser is back in stock on her website if anyone wants it!

I wonder if her new superskin products will be in the tsv.

hmm i hope its a good one!

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