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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone tried theirs yet?
Mine arrived this morning a bit earlier than expected so haven't given it a go yet!!
I had an email last week to say mine had been shipped but have not received it yet - probably will take over a week to deliver which is usual for make-up from qvc.
Well,I've had a little play with it and so far the impression is good.

Definately less is more.Initally I loaded too much on the brush and had to start again,but with just a little I got a nice healthy warm glow to my skin.Too much looked orangey.

However I am not atall impressed with the little Kabuki brush as it left loads of little hairs on my face which I kept flicking off!

I think it's a keeper though :1:
I have never used those little kabuki brushes they put in with the Halo much prefer the big (no 19?) one - this one is a lovely brush.

Sounds like it is good - can't wait now.
mine arrived today too I agree with you lemonsqueezy I did put on a bit too much to begin with but it is really nice gives a nice glow I look so pasty at the mo
Just tried mine - wow it looked orange!! Pity i hadnt read your posts first!! Will give it another go before deciding whether or not to keep it.

Just a wee question - do you use it alone or over ordinary Halo??
I like mine but the postie didn't bring it till I had finished my make up so I just put some over the top of the lot.

I did like it though - tomorrow I will just use it over the halo as a bronzer.

I think it is a keeper.
I like it - I've used mine as a bronzer type product so wear foundation underneath. I didn't find that it made me look orange at all was actually suprised as i was quite heavy handed when i first put it on!
Wish I'd gone for this now. I use an Ultimate Kabuki (big fat one) with my regular halo. Does the job perfectly! Those little Smashbox ones look as useless as the BE tiny ones.
I used mine 'properly' today - didn't make me look orange at all. Used it straight out of the pot as a blusher and then used what was left on the brush to dust over as a bronzer. Love it - very definately a keeper. Used the big 'halo' brush.
I used mine for the first time this morning, at first glance it did look a bit orange but when I used it with a large brush it's lovely. It gives a healthy looking colour IMO.
I have the Halo and so was curious about this but seems very expensive for what is essentially a bronzer?

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