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I am actually warming towards the idea of "That jacket" Recently they were talking about it on air and saying how, it was so limited in stock and that as soon as new stock comes in it literally flies out. I thought I'd check out the website to see whether they were telling the truth, and sure enough they were. Of the colours remaining most were only available in XS and I'd have opted for medium which was only available in dark green. I do own a couple of denim jackets but I never wear them with jeans as I can't stand the look of "double denim" So for me it would be quite useful to have a "denim jacket" I can throw on with jeans or a denim skirt. It's at least £10 more expensive that what I'd like to pay for it, so I shall be keeping a close eye on Ebay. A quick look showed a few but in the dark green (which I would probably go for) is only available in 3XL. I actually coming around to the fact that it's not denim - I'm hoping that if I do get one it'll have the comfort of a hoodie (not my thing) but the look of a denim jacket. I'll let you know if I manage to get one.
I'm gonna be honest with you, but very soon after posting this I decided to order the full price one from QVC as it was on 4 easy pays which is not something I'd normally do but as August is one of my expensive months I thought sod it, I'll do it. It has already arrived and for once in my life I'm blown away by QVC's service, as for the jacket - it's magic!! The fit is great, the colour I chose (dark green) is really me and it is very comfortable. The green I would describe as an "army green" and it will go with so many things in my wardrobe, but I am really looking forward to be able to wear jeans with a "denim jacket" without looking like a plonker! If I had one gripe that would be the lack of a hanging loop in the back so it'll have to go on a hanger or be folded away when not being worn. Right, and I mean this, as happy as I am with this I have no desire to buy any further colours - I hit upon the right colour for me, it suits me and it will be versatile - end of story! My only hope now is that it washes up nicely and that it doesn't fade.

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