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gatineau tsv

Hi i'm new ,does anybody know what the gatineau tsv will be next week,not that i should really buy it, i spend way too much on beauty ,i seem to justify it by telling myself what great value they are,and as alison says ,this is not going to make it through the day it will sell out ,so ihave to buy it quick! and i do love gatineau.
Hi Chantell, welcome to the ST forums! *waves!* :)

No idea yet on the Gatineau TSV but our forum super sleuths never fail to dig out the relevant info for us, so hopefully we'll know before too much longer......! :)
Hello and welcome to the forum chantell :)

I love gatineau too but am hoping its something I dont want as I am well stocked at the moment :54:
Welcome to the forum Chantell.

I don't need any more gatineau but know I will end up buying it as usual - just to top up the stockpile.
HI chantell welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will enjoy it. I will be on my hols for the Gatineau TSV so will have to pass on that. I have been using my stockpile recently as there has been so much tat on QVC lately and I am still using some Gatineau from two TSV's ago!. My Philosophy stash has also gone right down too. I'm so proud of myself. The only thing I have bought recently is Laura Geller The Right Brights collection in last clicks . It was about £15.00 for four items and I love it.
So does anyone know what's gonna be in this tsv??? :33:

We only have 6 more days to go.

Hope that there isn't a launch of a new product.......I have a stockpile I need to work through and I will be quote strong about not buying, so long as there is not a brand new 'must have' product!

Any of our sleuths know what this will be yet? There are a few things I like from the range - the masks and the eye make up remover are the best. The cleansers are quite good and the OH gets the moisturisers! I only ever look at the TSVs though because the range is so expensive.
Hasn't been a cleansing collection except the inclusion of the wash off stuff for ages. I would appreciate some Serenite :)
Got a card through the post today from QVC and it says the tsv is going to be Gatineau 5 piece Radiant Glow Collection .

Says it will contain the UK launch of a revolutionary moisturiser. (wonder what this is gonna be? :33:)

Also, there is anti-wrinkle concentrate, plus 2 full sizes in here - ONE of which will be a FULL SIZE futur plus eye cream. Plus another anti-ageing product. :32:

QVC say this tsv will be a bargain because the whole collection costs less than one of the products alone.

I have decided to stock up on this tsv, as I was already looking to buy some more futur plus eye cream anyway. I sense Sunday will be special.
Thanks - that will be good news to all of us as the eye cream is the most favoured on here. I can see several multi-buys coming on as we all stock up on this.
The tsv will most probably be priced up around £40 - £45.

I have a feeling it may have the activ eclat radiance energizing cream in 30ml version, since (re the cream) the card mentions:

'combines sophisticated technology with natural ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond - for a progressive natural glow that's simply radiant.'

The anti-wrinkle concentrate will most likely be a 15ml size. Think there will also be 15ml size of the futur plus face cream, because that's what's shown on the card.

Btw, there will be TWO full sizes in this collection -BRILIANT! :7:

Wonder what the other full size item will be! (I have no clue :33:)
I also got a card, first one in ages. Looks a good TSV, so I will be buying.

Lately, Gatineau's tsvs have been exceptional. We are talking 4.5 or 5 star rating reviews!

The tsv last Christmas had a mix of both the perfect design and the brand new activ eclat ranges - and that was a huge success!

After that, they did one with the launch of the new perfect design lipcare which was available on auto-delivery. That too was a success.

Now, is this one.

What I like about Gatineau is that their tsvs always have a good full size of products at a bargain price.

Whereas Liz Earle tends to put together a sample size selection of her products from a wide range and attempts to flog it off as a tsv! (Her recent one however makes an exception!).

When it comes to tsvs, I don't think Gatineau can be beat for ORIGINALITY or value for money.

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