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I have some of the lip venom, it's quite good really

don't know much about the rest of the range on now
They just announced a christmas surprise but there is none ?
I ordered Throb from Benefit earlier on 4 easy pay and now read its pale.
Well, they're not beating around the bush with that name are they?! Tapping into the 50's thang... guess it shifts units!
The range used to be in Space NK. I thought it looked quite boring really.
The big thing is the lip venom, which makes the lips look bigger by irratating (sp)them with spicy ingredient. Add some oil of cloves or cinnamon to clear gloss and you will get the same effect.
Im not impressed. The woman was overbearing and thee combo of her and AY fighting to talk over each other did nothing for its appeal.
I thought AY's make up looked way better today than when she was made up with the BE glossy stuff yesterday. Sometimes she does go a bit over the top.
I have good sized lips but still tried the lip venom, you do feel like they are huge but it seems to be all in the mind.

It hurt like hell though!!!! Not a slight ting but I burn that was so bad I had to take it off the first time I used it. Also it dried my lips out...never again!
I ordered the lip venom. I suppose, once it arrives, I sit and wait for my lips to explode and then dry up? :32:

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