Can’t believe prices on QVC lately


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Well Merryone I am delighted you posted this - as Cashers said QVC food, which I haven't tried, seems silly prices for nothing special. My brother has to eat gluten free and everything seems to be different degrees of cardboard🙁 We were having a family get together this weekend and I ordered a box of the brown owl. They were absolutely gorgeous - we all thought they were the best we've had 🤗 As you said if it didn't say on the pack it was GF you would never know. I havent been a huge fan of brownies - sometimes they can be heavy and dry. These were deliciously yummy. Even with p+p they work out around £2.50 each, come well packed with next day DPD timed delivery. I'll be ordering more of these for sure 😉 Thanks again for the recommendation 😁 (ps shelf life is around 4 weeks - but believe me they would never last that long!)......
I've placed my first order now really looking forward to getting them, do I tell OH? Tempted not to then I won't have to share lol!!!! Also I'm planning a trip to Turner's pies this week to get some more yay!!!

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