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May 13, 2009
From Daniel Green's blog on www.qvcuk.com

Goodbye to QVC and the UK... for now
You may or may not know by now that I've had to move back to the States so I can be with my family. Sadly, this means I'm not going to be able to present on QVC any more.

QVC was even better than I ever imagined it would be and you viewers made me feel so welcome. I had so many lovely phone calls and texts from you. I loved every minute of my time on air and will miss the other presenters I worked with - what a team! From a personal perspective I also feel I've grown a lot here.

Moving back to the U.S. is the hardest choice I've ever had to make, but it's been really tough without my family and I think it's the right thing to do.

Still, never say never and maybe some day I'll be back at QVC.

In the meantime thanks for all your support,

Daniel x
Ooh err, well that's a surprise! :11:
Bit of a shame as his weekend cookery show looked quite promising & was certainly more interesting than the usual boring old carp QVC dishes up! (No pun intended! lol)
still don't think OP is the real Daniel Green! seems very strange that he should choose to post for the first time just to let us know he's know he's leaving...or maybe I'm just too cynical?

I'm confused too but I'm covered either way now, I like to be polite & talk to people directly, not simply refer to them in the third person if they're in front of me! lol
I will be sad that you have left Daniel. I did enjoy your shows and your presenting was so professionally done.

I agree with SCW....... and wish you all the best Daniel. I can sympathise with you as you must miss your family dreadfully.

Hope you come back to visit sometime and I wish you all the best for the future.
March 04, 2009
My first month at QVC
Well, I have already been here a month and really enjoying myself. I had a wonderful welcome from so many customers and the team here.

I have already been presenting so many products and have had the chance to launch a few new ones. I loved the lines by Kenneth Jay Lane and Tacori, and also to be with an old friend Charlie Lapson.

I am slowly moving the family over so up until now they are in the USA where we have been living for the past 5 years. I was lucky to be with them last week and my wife and daughter will be here for two weeks in March.

That's the only hard part being away from them, but it will not be long until we are together long term.

Well I am about to start month two and look forward to spending time with you all.

Love to hear from all of you on air, so please call in.

All the best


This was his blog back in March...I guess his wife didn't settle. Here's hoping QVC find a quality replacement...someone with a bit of personality would be good. Good luck, Daniel and best wishes.

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