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I bought some of these snap to cool towels when we had that 40 degree summer and I spent most of the time indoors with one on my head! Yes they’re damp and need throwing in the wash regularly but they work and I was desperate and very glad of them. The headphone style fan works well too.
I absolutely hate the hot weather (Anything over 20degrees is too hot for me!). I’ve been using these for years and couldn’t be without them. You will always see me wearing one round my neck in the hot weather. Also put one on each leg if it’s really hot.

I get mine from Amazon
I thought you meant the neck fan till you mentioned wearing them on each leg.
I have these and I love them.
Working at a school cleaner in the warm weather I get very hot and bothered. I use these to cool me down quickly.
Gave one to a fellow cleaner and she also gave positive feed back.
I don't suppose a bit of damp on cleaning clothes matters. 🙂
I love these too! Taken them on hols and I'm going to buy my son a pack too. Not only us he a gym bunny but he's working at height in a v hot
environment at the mo. They will be the dogs ...sorry.... just the ticket!
Big (n) from me! I sent for these a few weeks ago 'cause I saw them in clearance for £12 & £1.95 postage. Anticipating the heatwave I thought they'd be ideal as I really don't cope well in the heat and with 4 in a pack I thought great one for me, one for OH and the other two I can just bung in the present drawer to give as stocking fillers or just because gifts. Now if ever I buy anything remotely gimmicky or gadgety I'll test drive it before I admit my purchase to OH as he's known to take the proverbial out of me for being such a sucker, or bang on about wasting money. I've had the set hidden away upstairs and yesterday when I returned home hot, sweaty and bothered I thought yes, I'll give one a try. I followed the instructions on the packet ie wet the towel, wrung it out well and "snapped" it the recommended time to "activate" it. I thought it would feel fairly dry but cool after doing this, but it didn't it just felt like a sodden wet cold towel. I popped it around my neck and shoulders and it felt most unpleasant and I couldn't get it off fast enough, not only that, it had a weird surgical smell that I didn't like so I stuffed it back in its pouch and didn't say anything to OH. In hindsight I should've said told him I'd picked them up in a charity shop for a couple of quid and gave him a chance to try it in case he got on with it. I guess I can still do that another time and if he says the same as me then I can say oh well only £2 and I can use them as dusters! I found that my skin felt wet and it did dampen my clothes slightly as well. I'm surprised there are so many great reviews for this product all I can think is that there are people out there who don't mind the feeling of a cold and wet towel next to their skin, but that's not me I'm afraid. I'll stick to my portable fan and that cool magic spray that really does work. I know I'm still in time to return these to Q but I've left it too late to claim my postage back, it's gonna cost nearly £3 if I send them back via Evri, then I'll have to wash and attempt to dry the one I've used so I'm not sure I can really be bothered. Hey, I've got some dusters and some handy little pouches lol!
Might be as well bunging a couple of towels in the freezer and pop them round your neck.

Looks slightly different

Obviously, yours is only for women (what rubbish!).

Personal Fan for women​

Mine doesn't say what sex they are for (lol) and works perfectly for me :)
Hubby uses ours and it doesn't give a sex on it.😂

That’ll be the Menopause Factor. Anything that can be sold by mentioning menopause is pushed to the nth degree. I haven’t heard them try to upsell pre-lit Christmas table decorations as a menopause aid yet but give it time - Christmas in July is coming and they won’t want to miss an opportunity.
I got them for my parents last year when we were told we were getting a really bad heatwave and as they were due to go to Leeds for my nieces Uni graduation I thought they might be a help. They both said they were an absolute godsend on the day as the function room they were in was unbearably hot.
I'm not sure if they've used them since thoug

But you can't re-activate them when they warm up.
Just put your towels back in the freezer. I'm talking about using towels you have not these.
My mum bought me two of the cooling towels - NOT from qvc I’ll have to look up the brand - and when I’ve got the energy to get it out and use it, it’s great!

I didn’t find it got me damp or wet but really did cool me down…

I bought my nephew a neck fan last year - deliberated between the solid design and one where the neck part is more malleable. He hates the heat as much as I do!

For those of you who have the neck fan, how noisy do you find them?

That’s what has stopped me going for it - am noise sensitive and have to wear earplugs so much as it is!

I’ve had the large (non pedestal) Meaco fan for 4 years now - also not qvc! - and really do rave about that!

It was £99 but was worth every Penny for me!
I bought the Meaco pedestal fan 3 years ago. Not cheap but so worth the money. I suffer badly in the heat. I like the choice of settings and how it adjusts to the ambient temperature. Just in process of buying another one for my bedroom.

So if the temperature goes above 70degrees Fahrenheit on goes the fan plus a cooling towel round my neck. Often have one on each leg when I’ve got my armchair reclined.
I love mine and use a lot in the heat
Wet / wring out / snap / lie on my hot body - instant cooling
That sounds divine, but when you do that does the cloth feel wet, mildly damp, or just cool? The one I used just felt wringing wet, tbh I'm not keen on having damp fabric next to my skin but wet and cold (not cool) cold - get it off me now! Did I over wet it? I wrung it out to with and inch of its life and did the prescribed amount of activation "snaps" yet it felt like I'd put a soaking wet cold towel around myself and it felt horrible. I went back to it a couple of times and there was no improvement whatsoever. It seems I'm in a minority here but if I'm doing everything right then this product is definitely not one for me!
Do you find the neck fan very noisy?

Considering purchasing one but concerned about how loud it will be - if it’s too much I won’t be able to tolerate it!

Could you, for example, listen to radio with it on or too distracting?

I haven't needed it this year. I just tried to switch it on, but I can't remember how, there are no obvious switches so may be a touch switch.

I'll try later on (it probably needs a charge) but from memory it was fairly quiet.
I bought a neck fan from Amazon just before we had the 40C temperatures in 2022 and it was very effective and quiet. I only wore it when cooking though.

I also bought some cooling towels from Amazon and they were also very effective and cheaper than those from QVC. The QVC ones have been reduced in price now.
I've just ordered another set, probably give some to OH.

They are a good price at £12 and I can't really complain about £1-95 PP. Only the multi-colour are left, and I wanted them anyway.

I get very hot mowing the lawn (even though I never do it in the sun) so I will wrap one around my neck before I start (it can take about 2 hours but I do it a bit at a time).
What a completely MISLEADING demo!

She had a thermometer stuffed down her front, so it showed her body temp of 37C.

Then she removed it and stuck it in the towel and the temp dropped.

OF COURSE IT DID. An ambient temp of 37 would be unbearable, so of its own accord the thermometer would rapidly drop to the ambient studio temp, whether or not she stuck it in the damp towel.
I wouldn't store them for long, damp, in their pouches, they will probably get very smelly.

I think the pouches are for short term use, such as going out for a day and having it handy with you.
You were right! I went to give the tiles another wipe down and the smell nearly knocked me out, so much so that I didn't even want to put it in my washing machine, it went straight in the bin along with the sweaty pouch. I should've taken it out and hung it up but tbh it's too long and wet to have hanging around in my bathroom - bliddy things! The unopened ones are in the charity donation bag and whoever buys them I hope has a better experience than I did. I would've happily thrown them in the bin I was so disappointed, however, as it wasn't worth sending them back for what little I'd get back in return I thought I'd let a charity benefit instead!

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