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Beauty Pick of the Month December

Elemis Supersize Superfood Midnight Facial 100ml £51 Delivered

Supersize of the Month December

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Rose Oil Supersize 100ml £28.98 + post

Beauty Steal of the Month December

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum 50ml £35.97 Delivered
Boots and Look fantastic selling it for around 35 quid for the 50ml size currently if you don’t want to get the bigger size.
I was thinking of this but I might just try the 50 ml on offer elsewhere.
Sometimes I think supersizes can be a false economy because you probably slap it on more with a bigger pot so unless I’m gagging to buy it I give it a miss.
That’s a very good price for the Prai neck cream.
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