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Or is it just me? :sad:

I can get the website up, can turn chat on and off, can get onto the CR website but I can't login. Doesn't matter what I do, it won't let me login. I also can't see the live feed.

I've deleted all browsing history, cleared cookies, temp internet files etc. I've run an registry scan and deleted all errors. I've added coloured rocks to my "trusted sites" and I've turned off and on again. Still not able to login.

I'm using IE version 8 I think. Please don't tell me to use Firefox or something else because that's beyond my capabilities!

Has this happened to anybody else?
Hiya Meesh, I logged on to Rocks a short while ago, but am using...dare I say it....Firefox. Having already done all that housekeeping, using Firefox should be a piece of cake for you. The live feed seems to okay as well. Hope you get it sorted soon. xx
Managed to use Firefox and am on and now can see the Live Feed BUT ......... still can't Login. It just doesn't let me. Katherine has been very helpful but is also stumped.
What about switching off and re-booting your PC, sometimes a complete fresh start helps. Good luck.
Done that 3 times Sacha. Thank you for your help but I think I'm beyond it now!!!!!! Going for a lie down and a swift whiskey!
I have this problem regularly Meesh, hence my long absences from Rocks, its very much hit and miss if i can log in or not. Hope you get sorted x
It happened to me yesterday but i deleted cookies and restarted my computer and that worked for me, but its strange that hasn't worked for you hope you can log on soon!
Tabs - how do you get it sorted?

This happened to me months ago and I couldn't log on for about 3 months and then tried one day just out of curiosity and it let me in. If it's happening to others then I wonder if it's something to do with the RocksTV system attached to our particular login's?
Oh dear.......shades of TJC?

You been banned....again Meesh? mysmilie_1556
:giggle: I can safely say I haven't! :giggle:

I was using it yesterday and all was fine and my basket was bulging. Can't get to the thing to check it out now but the lovely Katherine is going to do it manually for me. :clapping:
That's good then.......time now for another swift Whiskey? :clapping:
IVe had a nightmare with it recently and i can log in ok but their system says im not too and no matter what i do it doesnt help!! ive lost a few things out of my basket because i cant get into it at all and when i do it boots me out! im on IE and its normally okish other than when its a fault rocks end...ive taken to just watching or lurking theses days and buying on the odd times when it lets me !
I've had a few problems recently, but clearing cookies and a reboot have solved the problem.
Meesh, you're obviously a dodgy character! :smirk:
Steve said last night Sarah had called the studio last night to say she couldn't log in herself and in the chat people were saying alot of other people couldn't log in either!
This is definitely a stupid thing to say, but I haven't had any probs - using IE. Sometimes I lose sound in the middle, but just refresh and it's ok - so far lol.

I wonder if it has anything to do with your virus protection, firewall, or anything like that?? Literally just throwing an idea into the forum.

How frustrating though, I hope they manage to sort things out for you very soon though.

I am sorry about the issues everyone. We are getting the Systems Team to investigate this and Steve, Sarah and John are aware of the issues too.

If anyone is having issues, please could you email [email protected] with the specific issue? Also please could you let us know the web browser you are using (eg Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) and also whether it is a PC or a Mac?

Many thanks and apologies again.
I wonder if it has anything to do with your virus protection, firewall, or anything like that?? Literally just throwing an idea into the forum.

Thanks Dingbat - that was the other piece of information I meant to ask for! Please could you let us know if you have Virus Protection Software or a Firewall and which one it is?

Sorry for all of the posts today!

The Systems Guys are currently going through their logs to find what caused the issue, but could you let us know the time that the issue occurred too please as this would narrow down their searches.

Many thanks and apologies again.

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