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Nice 'n Easy...
Jun 24, 2008
Panto season has well and truly begun.
Anne Dawson wearing over the knee boots and leggings clinging in places that should not be clung to on a shopping channel!!
stop it

i thnk it made her look taller and slimmer. less keen on the oddly shaped jumper though.
I thought she looked good too. I like her hair this way too. But then she gets so much criticism around here - if she reads it she must despair ...
I think her hair is looking really good now - in a nice cut and the colour suits her more. The last two nights she's looked well groomed and been wearing nicer outfits.
I don't think it was the jumper that was oddly shaped :22:

I feel soooo much better knowing I wasn't the only one thinking that !

As for her hair I think it's too fine to just hang - surely out of all the hairdressers who do actually appear on the shows it would be the perfect opportunity for her to ask what they think would suit her. Shorter layers would definitely help.
....just checking out the Philosophy shows today on vids, Anne looks great, love the hair & digging the revival Spandu Ballet circa 1981 look.... QVC's style icon is back :1:

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