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I live in skechers and hotter boots in winter. I've lots of lovely shoes in my wardrobe, that I cannot wear any more as I have mortons neuroma. I'm going to have an injection for it soon so I hope that I might be able to wear some of them sometimes.
“Luckily” for me, I’ve always been tall so had perfect excuse not to wear heels - or hardly - because I am beyond hopeless in them!
I had physio as a child for a bit flat feet (not sure that’s a thing now?!) - think it mainly involved trying to pick a pencil up from the floor from what I recall (I couldn’t!) and I still have little arch...
Plus I have size 41 feet so all in all, I can’t wear the delicate, pretty shoes I love!

I think it’s probably too late for me to master decent heels now sadly! And being at home all the time, I do tend to wear a lot of slippers.

However, I do like for feet to be as smart as possible. I used to wear a lot of neat boots and the like and never did like trainers except for sports.

Nieces/nephew all love Converse - which look so flat as to be really UNcomfortable, surely defeating the object - or Vans which look clumpy?! But quite good on them...
I like trainers I have Nike black really urban fashionably chunky ones. But I have some neater Michael Khors trainers in white that I wear in the summer with floral dresses. These are really dressy but still trainers so can be dressed up or down.
I have good luck with Geox and Gabor. I bought a pair of Ugg ankle length sheepskin boots from Amazon today. Euros 140, about the same in Sterling. Never had Ugg before. I hope they're worth the money. I'm finished with Skechers. They are not what they're cracked up to be imo. As for trainers, to me they look clumsy. I wear plimsoll type tennis shoes, and never in white... a sand colour, never any brights or multi colours and never with a skirt. I don't wear heels, either. I tried a pair on recently and I walked as if I'd just got off a horse!

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