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Apr 27, 2009
I know we're living in an age where comfort 'reigns' for all - whereas you used to be over 60 to succumb to comfy but not fashionable footwear, due in part to feet issues - bunions and the like. BUT I struggle to remember when I last saw a pair of shoes presented apart from the Moda loafers and glittery heels the other day. We seem to be fixated with plimsolls (ok, trainers), Skechers, a few range of sandals, and now we're into the boots season. Does anyone (apart from me) actually wear shoes anymore ?

I still have in my wardrobe some beautifully embellished shoes - heels and flats, some by Dune albeit years ago or French Sole, but its nigh on impossible to buy pretty shoes anymore. Fashion has dictated that we wear hiking/biker boots with floaty frocks - er, really ? why ? Thankfully because I have my 'stash' I won't have to hunt the shops for my upcoming cruise. I'm not a 'trainer' girl no matter how sparkly they're made, and equally I'm too old and would look stupid in fashion boots, but its funny how when I wear my 'pretty' shoes how often I get compliments. In lockdown I did wear Skechers, but I got the hot glue gun out and stuck sparkles on them - I could have started a business with the enquiries I got. Never mind, I think my shoe collection will now see me out 🤭
I have the most WONDERFUL collection of Joe Browns boots. Some are velvet, some are embroidered, some are bizarre and I have the most gorgeous pale pink and lace ankle boots that will get their first airing at Mr CC's niece's wedding next year. I have a lovely unworn dress that will match perfectly.

I have such wide feet that shoes just don't fit me as they are too tight just above the toes and any shoes made for wider feet are just plain ugly. JB boots though seem to be the exception.

CC have you tried this brand ? they are works of art............

I choose Skechers and Birkenstocks and wide fitting Clarks or K Shoes... or Gabor.
I have peculiar feet, so comfort was my first priority from a young age. Shoes are usually a penance for my feet. Nowadays if my feet aren't happy, the rest of my body pays the price.
I bought some fantastic sparkly Birkenstocks from QVC back in the day. Still have them and dread the day when they finally give up the ghost.
Skechers are a lot less quirky than they used to be, sadly. Brissles idea of blinging them up may be a way of returning to the days when they were pretty as well as functional.
I am not a fan of Sketchers, yes I did buy a suede pair from QVC long ago. I had this weird feeling I was walking on springs when wearing them. My mum always made me wear sensible shoes as a child and that just stuck with me. I call them tramping around boots and shoes. Now, for a period in the 80s I did wear 4-inch heels I could dance all night in them but not walk around outside. I have a high instep, so the ballet pumps were a big no for me. Gabor ankle boots 3 pairs with perhaps a 2-inch heel at most, Rieker their shoe/boots. We had a shoe shop in Belfast called Reids I loved their sale, but you had to be quick as the size 3s sold out first. They closed their Belfast store so now only in Lisburn. I have a fab pair of patent Chelsea boots with a wedge loved them so much bought a second pair.
I like trainers for casual everyday wear. ATM I am wearing those wide leg trousers with the big stripes down the side. Upzipped up the leg. Toning cashmere jumpers with a fitted t shirt for extra warmth as its getting chilly some days. When it gets really cold then its my ugg boots. Some are really old but still look good. For the last few summers Dr Marten chunky black patent sandals.
My mother (paid for by my unmarried uncle) never let us wear anything other than the plainest Clarke’s shoes as children but of course once I left home I wore modern bad for the feet styles.

Since I semi retired and spend all my time indoors in flip flops my feet have gone to hell on a hand cart and I can’t wear heels at all now. The one good thing about winter is lovely comfortable boots!

Ive never been able to get to grips with Skechers despite being sucked into buying 2 pairs from Q when I first started viewing, I seem to be in between sizes and they burn my feet.
I have a few pairs from Ruby Shoo, all bought in sales and I love their Eva style which I have in 3 different colourways and patterns.
In my post penniless student days I found a pair of black leather 4inch heeled boots. All zips and buckles. I loved those boots and wore them for years. The highlight was the boots (not me) being chatted up at a party by a boot fetishist!
Shoes have become a thing of the past it seems, with the exception of killer heels which are almost exclusively worn by the under 40’s as when we get older we lose the ability to walk in them! The last time I wore them was on my wedding day back in 2013 and I was surprised that I managed to get through most of the reception before I had to remove them! I only possess two pair of actual shoes which are a fairly low heeled pair of orange leather ones which go nicely with a couple of summer dresses, and my work shoes (Doc Martens) Other than that I have a couple of pairs of wedge heeled sandals, Birkenstock sandals, a pair of trainers (which I have been known to wear with a dress) Other than that it’s boots all the way, of which I have many. People are so accustomed these days to seeing people wearing boots with skirts and dresses that it’s become the norm. In my younger days everybody wore shoes, for work (and leisure) I’d wear court shoes, sling backs, ballet flats and heels on a night out - trainers were for sport and exercise and boots were for the winter and seldom seen worn with anything other than jeans or trousers. I can’t say I’m sorry though as it’s comfort all the way for me nowadays, and I’m glad that I don’t look “eccentric “ in my choice of footwear!
I guess Q have got to recognise that their demographic is looking for comfort as much as they’re looking for style, hence the lack of the good old fashioned shoe!
Seems as you get older, the padding in your foot gets thinner, so the ball of your feet cannot wear high heels because of the pressure. Rich women get fat injected into the ball of the foot, so they can continue to wear the sky high heels.
About 20 odd years ago I remember my Mum in her 70s was talking about getting a pair of trainers. I was absolutely horrified. Aside from only wearing them for sports, they were generally associated with people who were poor and couldn't afford 'proper' shoes. I bought her a pair of comfy Hotter shoes instead and she was happy.

Even today I balk at seeing really obese young men wearing trainers and who walk on the outside of their foot - a) because their legs are struggling under the weight, and b) there is no support in cheap trainers to give foot support, and I've noticed when they stand they always lift the heel of one foot off the floor. Losing weight would solve all that.
My mother wasn’t interested in fashion but when we were very young she loved very high heels and woe betide us if we dared to wear them to hobble about playing grown ups.

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