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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone sent something back to QVC a little after the 30 Day money back guarantee period? I'd like to send something back but I'm a bit late :(
I think that if you call CS and give the "reason" for the delay eg - have been unwell / holiday they will be helpful. If they agree to the return ask them to make a note on the system that they have agreed to this and make a note of the person you spoke to.
Yes I have,I sent a top back the other week,a cotton one that had run when I washed it(as per instructions)and there was no problem at all,did ring them first and the lady from CS was very helpful.Best thing to do I think is ring up :1first.Good luck!:1:
Thank you Mia and queenie, I will ring them and see if it's ok - good idea!

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