where is alison youngs tacori ring


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Jul 9, 2008
alison young has been sporting some tacori jewellery since last year but the large ring quite square has been missing i wonder why?
She said during last nights Gatineau show, when they were previewing other shows, that she can't often wear her Tacori rings as viewers keep asking what they are and then keep selling out, and then we get cross!

Not quite true as the Tacori rings she wears are in stock currently.

They are lovely - I have the square Victorian vintage one & it's gorgeous. In fact, I'm quite addicted to the Tacori range. It is quite expensive but you can tell the difference & it looks unusual. Not for everyone, as some of the designs are quite ornate, but I love it!

Twinklette x
i heard that and it made me think she had read this thread ;)

That happens such a lot Mrs J! I was watching an Elemis show and they said .......you may get breakouts but just work your way through them and you skin will be better then ever!!.........coincidence or had they been reading our Elemis thread where several FM's complained of that very problem that very day!!!!:33:

There have been other instances which have made me say "MMMMMmmm, I wonder" (whilst stroking an imaginary goatee :3:) that I cant call to mind but some of the posters we have on here - new members who only post once or twice defending QVC & IW then disappear after having their say also make me think we are visited by 'them', more than we imagine.

they do read these forums. alison has the ring on on the 5 o'clock show. i like this range and i am going to buy several pieces when i pay me winter fuel bills off.
there is a small jewellery shop near me and they sell the real stuff and it looks the same as the qvc stuff. really dainty carat weights that will make the qvc range look the part.
there is a shop in west hampstead called joule. they also have a bit of a website. tacori is not cheap there are very few pieces in platinum costing less than £4,000 and rising considerably higher.
lucky you if you can afford it. it will take all my wits to be able to get some off qvc but shall be requesting stuff for mothers day,christmas and birthdays. ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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