Where are my posts?


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Gem Genie

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Jul 30, 2008
North East Wales
I can't find any of my previous posts.

Why would that be I wonder.

Surely not because I made comments about a certain QVC presenter.

You all do that I have noticed so it can't be that. In fact my comments were tame compared to some of the ones I read in here.
I would imagine the thread to which Gem Genie is refering is this one in the QVC forum Sazz.

I fail to see why it was necessary to post on the forum and be so aggressive, you are just looking to score a cheap point and frankly all you have actually achieved is to make a fool of yourself because your posts are still exactly where they have always been. No censorship, no conspiracy... spoiled all your fun eh? :rolleyes:

I suggest in the future you drop us a PM to ask questions like this rather than throwing your toys out of the pram in public.
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