What's the point of the timer?


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This afternoon/evening, most items have had a 2 minute timer but then haven't crashed until 1.10. Not only is it VERY annoying but wasn't this something that other channels have been criticised for by Trading Standards?
Yes Meeshoo they have even crashed with less than a minute to go I don't agree with this feels like they are rushing you into making a purchase, think if they want to use a timer should crash the price first to final price then start the timer
Gems TV do exactly the same and I think it's wrong. They should adopt TJC's method which is to start the clock once they crash the price then you get the full time to decide to buy. I think there will be repercussions for both Gems & Rocks over this at some point.
The Timer Argghh!!. I will not go into a timed auction now of any kind, I really got caught out with an item that I thought was dropping lower than it went for and found I didn't charge my card up enough for it so I am afraid this is one customer who won't be anymore.
I agree! Not too keen on this whole timer thing. Much prefer TJC's way of using the timer.
I did see one game crash with 25 seconds left on the clock!..how would you have chance to join in that space of time?!

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