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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
I have often read about people getting "the letter" about returning items to QVC, can anyone tell me when or after returning how many items do you get one ?, its just that I have returned some items within the past few weeks , and I am just wondering will I get one !
Lets all send THEM a letter!

Dear QVC

Do you offer a 30 day MBG or not? I ask because you repeatedly say you do on air but then I keep hearing that if people do return goods you write to them complaining of this! Surely if customers are only allowed to return a certain percentage of purchases then this should be clearly explained at the time of sale?

Also sometimes the reason for return can be due to quality or lack of sales information by the presenter. Do these items count against me even if they are clearly not my fault?

Please kindly advise by return exactly what your terms of sale are so I can make a fully informed decision about any future purchases.

Your customer,
I got a phone call one time, told the qvc guy that if he took the time to look he would find that 'does not fit' or 'faulty goods' explained most of my returns. Got a letter of apology soon after. I try to shop with lookfantastic or hq hair and thebeautyroom for cosmetics and skincare because they charge one postage for everything in one order..much more affordable. does the same and always send a freebie with get all the info you can on qvc demos and then shop around.

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