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Jun 24, 2008
As I love rubellite so much, I ordered a couple of Shimoyo rings which duly arrived in their special boxes.
The box is so over the top imo, very big and heavy and will just clutter up the house. The rings will be going straight back anyway as they really aren't that much nicer than the rubelllite I already have and I just can't justify the price difference. Now it's going to cost me a fortune to return them because of the silly boxes. It's really annoying as a good quality 'leatherette' ring box would have sufficed and made the jewellery look that little bit special. It will really put me off ordering any other pieces that are packaged this way in the future. :angry:
I saw the new boxes on air and said to my oh, imagine how much they would cost to return special delivery! i think the boxes are nice but don't think they have thought it through or maybe they have and just don't want you to return them.
Me Too!!

Hi Jacqualina it's very spooky that you just posted this cos I was about to say more or less word for word what you have said. I was also hooked in by the Shimoyo hype and odered this ring

which arrived on Thursday and it went straight back on Thursday. :rolleyes: Yes I can say it was a nice clear stone but nothing imho opinion to get that excited about and the gold weight was very light for the price, in fact the ring felt flimsy to me. :( The box was ridiculousy large and the ring was just inside a small pouch.....why??? It cost me £8.90 to return. Never again. :TANTRUM: :pPC:
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Thanks for your posts Jacqualina and Sue I wondered if there was anything "special" about Shimoyo or as Caroline calls it "ShimoyA"!! Personally it looks a bit too pink for me as I prefer the 'normal' Rubellite colour but at the massively inflated prices I assumed I must be missing something. Sorry you were both disappointed but think of the money you've saved!! Thanks again for letting us know your opinions which I for one value.
I've been watching the Shimoyo pieces and almost tempted but I was wary of the light gold weight. PPC'sd comment has sealed the deal.... no, BROKEN the deal for me! I can forgive lots of things in a ring but "flimsy" isn't one of them. Especially in a style with a bigger stone, flimsy just doesn't cut it in my book.
PPC's ring is one I very nearly went for.... now I'm glad I didn't.... and I've saved all that cash on the return, too! Thanks PPC and Jacquelina!
I saw PPC's ring aired and thought it looked the "bee's knee's"! Worryingly disappointing as to how things can look so different on air as opposed to how they are in the flesh.

At least hubby will feel secure in the knowledge i will let Shimoyo Rubellite pass me by.
Sorry that you're both disappointed with the Shimoyo but in all honesty I'm not surprised. As Sue said, the clarity looks good BUT does it really justify the price hike? No. You can get wonderful clear Rubellite in rich raspberry colours at a fraction of the price elsewhere. It's hyped beyond belief.

At the launch I did wonder if the boxes were heavy but had completely forgotton about them. Nice idea but impractical.
Actually I quite like the box! Although I can understand the problem with returning... never thought of that.

I have bought (and kept) a Shimoyo ring, because I loved both the design and the colour (hot pink). Agree that it's totally over-hyped, though...
As I managed to snaffle a 'normal' 3.5ct Rubellite ring a while back that I love, I haven't been tempted to go for the Shimoyo - as well as too mean to pay those prices - and now I know the boxes are OTT too I'm even more glad!

Having said that, nothing beats the marble/stone boxes that accompanied some of the AAAA Tanzanite I got home from Gemstv a couple of years ago. They weighed a ton and cost a fortune to return as the gems weren't up to scratch either then the one I finally kept came in a bog standard box :rolleyes:
What a shame the ring didn't live up to expectation Sue, I did see it aired and thought :WOW: and the picture certainly looks stunning.

I remember those boxes Lynda, my sister and I bought exactly the same AAAA pendants, she got one of those boxes, and guess who got the blue cardboard one!!!
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What a shame you were disappointed Jacqualina and Sue. I remember when I still bought from Gems the excitement of opening the box only to become instantly deflated. After a while it does become an issue factoring in returns especially as I only trust SD. I do think it's a no win situation however. If the ring was for a special occasion it would be nice in a decent box but for those of us who buy for ourselves, it is an unnecessary addition. I can also see how putting it in a special box may suggest that it is worth the inflated price tag but then we're not that daft, are we Ladies? :spider:

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