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Jun 26, 2008
Just in case anyone's interested Sarah Chapman's Discovery Collection is back in stock.
I bought it after reading the rave reviews on here and absolutely loved it so have just ordered another one.
What is it that you love most about it Fluff, as in specifically? I haven't tried it as I was nervous about some reviews mentioning a reaction to the eye cream but am still curious as to what it is that it does that has won the range such rapid acclaim? Presumably you can already see some specific improvements in skin tone, or.....? :)
Hi kitten ... sorry for the late reply but I've been out most of the day.

The cleanser is quick and effective and there's no tightness on my skin after using it. The serum smells lovely and combined with the moisturiser makes my skin feel soft and, I think, look healthy and glowing. I haven't tried the eye cream because I'm being good and using up one from another brand first.

The sizes are small but a little goes a long way and they last ages.
And, oh yes, the wallet they come in is perfect for taking on holiday. :D
Thanks Fluff! :)
'Healthy & glowing' already sounds promising, as that's quite hard to achieve reasonably quickly usually!
I only asked as by some fluke, I have so far managed to miss pretty much every show when it's been on (or mentioned!), which although I'm not desperate to try it, is still a bit annoying as it does seem to be a 'proper' range, not just some made up effort by a 'name' & I am still curious about it, especially as the range contains products with a bit of extra oomph in for the truly in need of help! lol
I am using the eye cream, no problems with it for me. Does nothing for my dark circles, but no cream ever does sinus problems and deep set eyes. It does leave the eyes lovely and smooth and wrinkle free. My eyes feel really soft, I admit I did not have many wrinkles to start with. The gods thought I dark circles were enough to curse me with. LOL:31:

I have mild roseaca and emailed Sarah Chapman and was told if I could use the eye cream then should be no problem with the rest of the range, but not to use the intense products perhaps.

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