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Mar 18, 2009
Hi there

I sent a return back to Rocks on 24/3/09 via Special Delivery. I tracked it, and Royal Mail showed it had been delivered on 25/3/09.

I emailed CS yesterday to ask if they could confirm that this return had been received/processed, as I have had no e-mail about it- and was told that they had no record of it being processed yet, and that this can take up to 2 weeks (even though on the site it says "allow 4-6 days for the money to be applied back on your card").

Do you think I should be worried that a week after sending back my first return, Rocks aren't even able to confirm that the return has been received?

I'm a bit alarmed that if it takes up to 2 weeks to process a return, and then another 5 days to re-credit my account, I could be out of pocket for 3 weeks before getting a refund. Fair enough, but this is a big difference from the 4-6 days after receipt of the return that is stated on the website.

Thoughts/comments would be appreciated - am I just being an old fusspot and worrying unnecessarily?
Just to add to my post above...

I've now noticed that in their "Returns Policy" section at the foot of the page, Rocks say that they will refund you for returns within 30 days... yet when you click on the purple link about returns on the left of the page it says credits will be applied to your card within 4-6 days of receipt.

Slightly contradictory there, but I'm guessing that this means that until 30 days have passed, we aren't even really entitled to chase.

I think I'd just feel better if you got an email saying "Hello, we have received your return, and will be processing it within the next 2 weeks" or something - rather than having to wait up to 2 weeks to hear anything at all.

Perhaps it's just me.....
Hi Helbels,

Refunds are usually processed with a few days of us receiving them. Can you let me have your order number (feel free to email me at [email protected]) and I will look in to it for you.

Kind regards

Hi Helbels,

I think we were posting at the same time! The Returns Policy page does seem a little confusing and I will see if I can edit it to make it clearer.

The confusion stems from the fact that we have to offer certain assurances under the Distance Selling Regulations but, in common with most reputable retailers, we have our own guarantee which is much more detailed and favourable to our customers.

I'll have a look at making it clearer!

Kind regards

Hi John

Thank you for your very helpful reply - I do hope I wasn't coming over as overly pendantic, but I think anything you can do to simplify the explanation on the site will be helpful to new customers. At the end of the day I don't mind how long it takes to process my return, but I'd rather be given a realistic estimate rather than have something that's over promised and under delivered.

I will email you separately about the returns I've sent in so far - if you can give me any more info about them then that would be great.

I do think Rocks is fab, so please don't think I'm making this into a major issue.


Hi Helbels,

Whilst I see that you are being looked after, I thought it might b e reassuring for you to know that my own experence of refunds has been that it just takes a few days.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> Argey x
helbels rocks normally send e-mails saying returns received and then a few days later another e-mail saying returns refunded but its IT issues again. I did not receive any e-mails on my last return and had to e-mail CS.

John if you are reading this can you please look into this as e-mails seems to be hit and miss both for returns and order dispatch. Thanks in advance.
Hi BargainHunter, how are you?

I can see a note on the system for your return that was processed on 25th March saying that an email was sent to your usual address. I wonder if they are getting caught in a spam filter somewhere?

Hi BargainHunter, how are you?

I can see a note on the system for your return that was processed on 25th March saying that an email was sent to your usual address. I wonder if they are getting caught in a spam filter somewhere?


I am fine thanks John. Hope you are too. I did receive this e-mail but this was only after I e-mailed Katherine to look into my returns. e-mail on its way to you.
I have found the confirmation e-mails a bit hit and miss to BH, sometimes i get one sometimes i don't which does make it hard to chek that returns are processed.

I asked hayden about this in live help and he told me that the system showed and e-mail had been sent, not entirely sure to who then cos it wasn't me lol...lost in cyber space maybe :)
John is looking into this so hopefully we will all start receiving the confirmation e-mails. In a way I am glad I am not the only one!
Hi all,

Our programmers have looked through the mail logs and although we have a record of the email being sent, some are getting logged as undelivered due to spam filters. So our system thinks they are sent but they are not.

Can you try adding us to your safe sender list and see if that resolves the problem?

Kind regards

John Bennett
Hi John,
My return emails are sparodic despite Rocks being added to my safe sender list. Doubt this helps lol.

Kind regards


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