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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi Guys,

IS anyone currently encountering refund delays??? I sent back some items last week, both by Special Delivery and know both have been "received and actioned" but no money has gone back into my account. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? TYIA!
Not sure how quickly Rockstv refund, but I sent something back last Saturday and haven't received my refund yet. I also sent something back to another company at the same time and checked this morning and they have refunded. Have you had refunds from Rockstv before?
I've found the refund times vary, though none are excessive. I think the quickest refund was about 4 days and the slowest about 10 days. If you take into account weekends and postal delays plus the time it takes for your bank to process the refund, I think this probably explains why there is a variation in the refund times.
I was told it should be in my account within 4 days on Monday, that was when the items were received back.
I was told it should be in my account within 4 days on Monday!

Did you try your bank? Sometimes it takes a day or two for them to show a credit and one of my banks doesn't show anything credited on a Saturday until the Monday! Hope this makes sense, although I've given up expecting sense from any banking establishment.

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I sent something back on the 25th September, Rocks would've received it on the 26th and the refund was showing on my card on the 29th.
Thanks hun, Yes i've checked the bank. Checked this am and still nothing showing as yet. Incidentally my last refund from Rocks showed in my account on a Saturday morning. :1:
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When I sent items back a few weeks ago it took a week to ten days before my account was credited.
Sorry Tabs, it's a pain isn't it.

I am still waiting for one of two refunds of P&P which was very kindly promised to me as a goodwill gesture for something that went wrong with my orders.

I had to chase it up, on numerous occasions and it was promised to me again on September the 21st, yet still nothing.
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Isn't it always the case, Hubby's just found it :22:.
Yay :jump:. My apologies.
It took my refund a week to appear on my card from the date the goods were received by Rocks........this however was infinitely quicker than the 4 weeks and several phone calls it took Gems to refund me!!!!:54::12:

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