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Guy Andrews

Registered Shopper
Mar 21, 2014
Hope I don’t turn this into a mini rant !

Getting the run around about refunds with out of date beauty items and returned jewellery - responded last week they don’t recognise my email address (sent from email account they send order details to ?)

Sent two items of jewellery with the prepaid Track 48 label supplied - confirmed receipt of cheaper item but took off refund from Budget Pay on this order - then more expensive item ‘refunded’ though not on my credit card (yet) and cheaper item no longer refunded ?

An expensive beauty item and silver necklace still not despatched - advised delay on necklace no update on beauty item - on air despatch dates not honoured

Now tonight spurious claims about gold values /investments

I’m just comparing this to previous positive experience with TJC …
Not good Guy

Have you tried the live chat tab?

It pops up bottom right when you click on my account/my orders

Now it isn't always staffed but I have found the response a lot quicker and issues resolved quicker that way
I sent an item back with the pre-paid label a bit over a week ago. I've already had the refund. No consolation for you at the moment I know, but hoping it indicates that there is not a systemic issue and will be resolved.
Getting a bit peed off with items being delayed (despite in one case Mark stating it was in stock !) This is third order (was notified by email of one delay ) Notice my last item now showing online as despatch 17th August 🤷‍♂️

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