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Honestly, and I am not being sarcastic here, those tabard things would be handy under a big coat when doing Christmas markets or winter city breaks. Or walking the dog early on or last thing. But they're well overpriced at £15.00

And definitely not fashion items.
I'm surprised her head fits on the screen, i'm finding her more obnoxious now than on the previous IW and that takes some doing.

Also she's really showing how shallow she is, everything is about looking like you have money or dressing like royalty or a celebrity would.

Model has a look on her face like she'd rather be anywhere else but in earshot of Sally "knows it all" Jacks. :ROFLMAO:
Like most sane people, then?

I hope that model is getting danger money for all the sub-charity shop level "fashion" they make her wear on telly
Last night I was looking at a coat I ended up buying, as It is long, and sat in my chair it wouldn’t ride up

I texted in, She got my name then quickly changed it, I mentioned I was in a chair when going out, and liked the coat, She ignored most of it and went good choice Emma, I ended up buying it

But I felt she seemed embrassed, Stuck up Cow Moo
Only person we bought a present for at school was a physiotherapist, Im disabled and she used to take me swimming a evening a week, I bet a person in authority would get struck off for this these days

But on a Wednesday, she would take me home with her, we would always go into Waitrose and choose what I wanted for tea, then we would head to her house, and would have tea with her and her daughter, then we would head swimming. That could never happen these days, that went on for about 5 years, during secondary school
I am sat stood standing here, right? At the corner of my late mother’s round table, currently firing myself up for the Ideal evening ahead by picking the meat out with a long needle from a Bakers Boys vegan pie. I have a new cosmic version of Ideal World, okay? It goes like this..to the tune of Ideal World by The Christians..

Er one Er two Er one two three four…Doo Doo Doo Dooooo Do Do Do.. Before You Change The Channels and Hope The Sh..Show Disappears..Remember Cheap Dash Cams Save Yoooou From Your Fatal Car Crash Fears…A Sudden Black Out Stops the Show But Doesn’t Stop The Cheap Dash Cam…£9.99 is Our Mantraaaa We‘re Not Afraid To Say It Am..We Do All We Can In a 10 Quid World..We’d Be Free to Choose.. But In a 10 Quid World You Can Bet You’re Going to Lose...In a 10 Quid World We Can Start Again..But in a 10 Quid World Keeping Watching Causes Pain..

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