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Oct 2, 2011
I tuned into the quiz last night to provide me with something different to do.

Firstly, what a nice idea it is, during lockdown to do a quiz and create a community and give people an opportunity to make new friends and actively do something.

Julia, right person or not, guess it was her idea and her time doing this. Well done to her.

If you didn’t tune in, you can still see this on her Facebook.

Despite, sitting through it, I feel bad but thought what a self-promoting, family affair sham it all was and I’m keen to hear other people experiences. Oh, I got 24 right by the way.

Aside from the quiz, which linked to numerous chances to brag.

Message were:

Happy birthday to her best friend.

Memories of book launch, which happened to be 5 years to the day, well planned there Julia.

Amazing, husband, got married the other year, after 40 years together, husband on the camera, making occasional remark.

Son and his girlfriend, staying with us during lockdown, wonderful, great cook, did the PowerPoint slides.

My daughter bought me some flowers, oh, look these ones here.

My daughter has messaged, she is watching, with her gang.

Preference to her big boobs going south, do I need to know that. Attention on her previous favourite asset of hers.

Dyed hair draw attention back to her now favourite asset, which her son’s girlfriend did for here.

The layout to show off the new kitchen, she wrote about for about a year on her blog.

You can imagine them all together planning it, like at work: cameraman, floor staff, people giving her the quiz etc. She really is the most big-headed person I know, well from a viewing perspective. Someone wrote on here once, about her stealing the show if her daughter got married and you know she would.

In this environment, the people struggling, could have viewed that and felt even more lonely and upset. It was a shameful act.
It sounds more like an ego based video than a quiz. Most normal people would just ask questions, rather than waffling on about other things.

I’m afraid that recently she’s been behaving as though she‘s “it.” Well, sorry Julia, in my opinion you are not. You’re an ordinary person who just happens to be a sales assistant on the television.
Really? I totally disagree. I can find Julia quite irritating and boastful...but I thought she kept that side of her personality to a very gentle hum! I thought the quiz was great, and I was actually quite entertained trying to answer shopping channel related questions...I also picked up a bit of general knowledge. Love the pics and the anagrams. Well done Julia..I totally enjoyed it well done. And I really can't see how that quiz could make people feel more lonely and upset...Perhaps she should've done it with the lights off, or wearing a dressing gown and no make up, or thrown a tarpaulin over her lovely kitchen units. Seriously I thought she was pretty understated, and when you present a quiz, you've gotta do a bit of small talk..otherwise it'd have been very strange..if she'd just sat there and said "eyes down - Quiz" out the questions without any background info (or boasting as you'd call it) gave us the answers and said goodbye!
Julia, if you read this did a sterling job and gave us a very entertaining quiz...Thank you x
I actually agree with you, merryone.

I started my initial post with the words "It sounds more like an ego based video than a quiz" and my reaction was based on what the OP said in her post, which was wrong of me as I hadn't seen the quiz. 😳

I have now watched it and agree that she was a lot less egocentric than she is on her shows. Her approach was calm and much more like the Julia of past years.

I live alone and haven't seen my family or partner since the lockdown, as we don't live together, and it certainly didn't make me feel lonely or upset either. It passed an hour pleasantly before my planned tromp around my garden to do some weeding.

And although I don't watch much QVC nowadays, I managed to do quite well on the quiz which was a surprising bonus.
I may be wrong but haven’t some of the others also done this? Life even in lockdown is too short for their antics.

Surprised since Q have 3 renowned authors that it is Ali K who is doing a book club thingy.
Like I said, it was a great thing to do, but, in my opinion, the constant references to her family and in jokes are too much. Yes, you can't just read out questions. I agree the mix was good, with the added photo questions etc, but the parts in between, were too much about her.

I do agree she looked better thea she does on QVC and there was less gurning and hair flicks.

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