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Jun 24, 2008
This looks like the same model of Thomson pvr that is being sold on Amazon. I'm in the market for a new pvr but won't bother with this one after seeing the reviews on there!
This looks like the same model of Thomson pvr that is being sold on Amazon. I'm in the market for a new pvr but won't bother with this one after seeing the reviews on there!

I'm glad I read your post Piecan. I've been looking for something like this for our house and I know what not to buy now! Some of the reviews on Amazon are scathing, to say the least.

Thanks again.
Strikes me as quite a lot of money for what you actually get. Thomson isn't a name you'd associate as being a big name in the world of electronics.
Thomson is a pretty big name on Mainland Europe - when I lived in France there were a lot of Thomson products available. I bought a Thomson PVR for a Christmas present for my sister last year. It was £79.99 from John Lewis, but I am pretty sure it was 250GB with one month's Top-Up TV, so I don't think the QVC price is a particularly good price 12 months' on. We had quality problems with it too - it wouldn't fast forward properly, so we ended up taking it back and changing it for a Humax which they are very pleased with. I bought my first PVR when the Freeview ones first came out (since I don't have Sky) - around the end of 2004, I think. They seem to be quite delicate pieces of equipment. The first three I had (a Humax, a Panasonic and a Digifusion) all worked perfectly for a while then gave up the ghost after a year or so, but fortunately I managed to get refunds/replacements as they were under guarantee. The current 2 I own (the replaced Digifusion and a Samsung combi Freeview/DVD/PVR) seem to be lasting out longer (touch wood), so maybe the technology is getting better!
I waited up until midnight because Pippa said earlier in the evening
that the TSV was exciting "something we have never had on QVC before"
as I love gadgets I waited and tuned in at midnight only to see
something that is a TSV every month or so in one guise or another.
Shame on you Pippa, all I can say is you are easily excited.:rolleyes:
I have been looking for a freeview with hard drive for christmas so think I will give it a try.
A lot of the reviews on Amazon are over a year old and as we all know technology is advancing all the time.
I have a HUMAX box already but think it was more than double the price a few years ago, and only 40GB, it freezes occassionally but then so did Sky+ when I had that.
With the free trial I think it is a good price and if it goes wrong I will send it back to QVC
Thomson used to be one of the makers of the Sky+ box & were one of the recommended ones to 'get' if possible, i believe they are all Amstrad now (think this is now owned by Sky).

we've had 4 Sky+ boxes & the only problem has been with an Amstrad, the Thomson ones have all been fine (touch wood, throw salt etc!)
My Toppy is wonderful. Husband bought it for me for birthday Aug 2006, I had it in the bedroom. The old TV died and he's 'borrowing' the one from the bedroom, 32" flat screen which son gave us. As I couldn't then watch the small portable I said he should fetch the Toppy downstairs so it could be used. He's not letting me take it back upstairs!

Can thoroughly recommend the Topfield 5800 but that may no longer be available, they are on to the 5810 now. There is a whole forum dedicated to the Topfield.
It's probably a bit more expensive that others but husband and I agree it's worthy it.

There are small little programs that you can transfer via PC and USB which allow you to configure it even more. Quick Jump is fantastic and can be further customised. Press the red button and playback jumps 4 minutes (or whatever you set it to), different colours can do different lengths of jump.
I wouldn't touch another Thomson with a bargepole. Got this one for Xmas last year, I had nothing but issues with it from mid January until I finally traded it in for a Humax around August.
It crashed constantly, wouldn't record, filled its own hard drive up with stuff it downloaded, recorded programmes that were corrupt and finally just seized up altogether and refused to work - that was actually a relief, and I was delighted to be offered a replacement at Argos.
The model on Amazon is DTI6300 so unless been upgraded it does look like people could have the same problems that Anne has mentioned. I hate the sound of the Top Up TV downloading unwanted stuff. :11:
QVC had a Daewoo pvr as a TSV over 18 months ago, which I bought. Had problems with it so sent it back and bought another from Play with larger storage. It's never been brilliant and the other week just froze and only worked again after unplugging it overnight. I've been reading reviews on the Toppy and Humax and both look good, but will probably save for the Toppy.
Mum bought this last year from Aldi and whilst it works OK it is nowhere near as good as my Sharp freeview recorder.

Yes it does download 'stuff' and needs regular clearing out (like you do with the inbox on your mobile phone). It's not a big deal and doesn't take long.

It offers series link which my Sharp doesn't.

BUT the biggest problem is the noise. It makes a constant sound even when it is switched off or on standby. If you have scheduled a recording then it has to be left plugged in. I think it is a fan whirring but it would drive me mad. We lived next to a railway line for years so Mum & Dad quite quickly got used to it, but if you have problems sleeping then I wouldn't recommend it for the bedroom.

However, my recordable freeview box is the BEST thing I've bought for years. It means that I don't miss anything, the teletext is soooo much better than on normal TV. I don't sleep well with my back and now I always have a nice film available. PLUS I've got the full 2 series of Gavin & Stacey recorded which saved me having to buy a box set!
It eventually turned up yesterday, it only took 3 WEEKS to arrive :rolleyes:

It was in a yellow box with all the details on the outside, its a good job it wasnt bought for a christmas present
I can hear folks saying "told you so" but my Thomson box keeps freezing, missing recordings and becoming corrupt so I phoned QVC and they said they will collect it and I will get a full refund.

So now I am on the lookout for a new one, can anyone recommend one?
I need one that can tape two things at a time or watch something while another thing is taping and I like the series link but this is not essential.
I can only recommend the Topfield (I have the 5800 but there is a newer one the 5810).
It's an amazing gizmo, there is a very active forum and everyone on there is very very helpful.
Clever peeps on the forum create small extra programs which make the Toppy even more versatile. i.e. you can add the TAP which allows for jumping over adverts (fully configurable). The TAP is called Quick Jump, mine is set for 4 mins 10 secs on the red fast text button, it jumps (not fast forward) the ads in Corrie to perfection.

There are other TAP's which allows series type links, think it's called UK Auto Scheduler used in conjuction with UK Timers. I love it, used to have it in the bedroom but when our old TV went pop and the big TV came downstairs I told OH that he might as well fetch the Toppy down to make full use of it, now he won't let me take it back upstairs.
My Toshiba HDD recorder just died today.... I'm almost inconsolable, but it's put in about 4 years of excellent service & I use it loads so I can't really complain. (My darling techie boyfrined still has hopes of reviving it by whacking in a new hard drive so fingers crossed...)

Anyway, my point, apart from sympathising, is that I've just managed to get an amazing deal on a V Plus box from Virgin so you might want to consider that? The box installation is only going to cast £49 as part of a special deal in April & there's no monthly charge as a I buy the XL TV package. The offer is supposed to only be for new customers, but I rang up, dug my heels in a little bit & got it any way even though I've been with them for years. The Virgin box will record two things whilst letting you watch another by the way & seems to have excellent reviews.
Thanks Jan, the topfield sounds good but a bit expensive for me just now.

Thanks CB but Virgin is not available in my area, sorry to hear your box has died, mine is still working at the moment but not very reliable so cant wait to get a new one
Sorry about that Bluebell, I wouldn't have one if it hadn't been a combined gift.

We don't have cable in my area either.

Humax PVR's are meant to be quite good and reliable but I don't have a clue how much they cost I'm afraid.

Good luck in your quest.
Sorry about that Bluebell, I wouldn't have one if it hadn't been a combined gift.

We don't have cable in my area either.

Humax PVR's are meant to be quite good and reliable but I don't have a clue how much they cost I'm afraid.

Good luck in your quest.

I have been looking at reviews and it looks like topfield and humax have the best reviews

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