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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
Has anyone ever had any luck with the personal shopper?
I asked for the PS to look for an item for me and she came back to me saying she could not locate the item and was i sure i had the right metal? so i gave her all of the details again and she never bothered to get back to me (that was over a week ago!) so i emailed again yesterday and a different lady looked for me and also told me she couldn't find the item, how can an item just disappear? i can't believe it as i'm forever writing down item codes but not this one so annoying!
Not really gemcherub, well. sort of a yes & no...

I emailed the studio woo must have been Christmas time, when Derek was on air, about a heart shaped ruby pendant, he very kindly forwarded my request to da Shopper peeps .. they came back with exactly the item I was interested in BUT the prices they quoted were crazy, so I didn't bother .... (read on there's more) lol

then late one night I saw my heart ruby pendant on air .. it was sooo much less than Shopper had quoted!! I was half asleep but quickly woke up & bid 4 it - I love it and wear it all the time :)

Also, without me knowing my boyfriend wanted to surprise me with a Paraiba Tourmaline ring for my birthday back in Feb.. he e-mailed the shopper service and phoned them a few times and left his telephone number for a call back, etc.. .. but had no response! alas.. no birthday pressie from TJC! (or anywhere else for that matter) hmm!

so... no TJC shopper service is not very good in my view .. waste of time! :(
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hi gemcherub, i have to say i was extremely lucky with the personal shopper i saw a diamond cross pendant on the web telly and when i clicked to but it showed page not displayed i emailed derek and he said ring cs so i did that they then told me to speak to personal shopper i asked if they had th ependant and if they would honour the price i saw on screen and they agreed that was last september and i am so pleased with it.

Hope you get a bit more joy in the future mags

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