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Jun 25, 2008
Hi all just wondered if anyone else has heard the presenters saying they having an open day and if you have bought anything from tjc and would like to know more contact [email protected] with subject openday. Just wondered if anyone had any more info regarding this . mags
Yes Mags I've heard a couple of presenters this weekend talking about a upcoming 'open day' think they are asking for customers who have bought from them to email there experiences of jewellery, customers services etc and think they might be going to invite some of the customers who have emailed to there studio's for a tour (don't know how many invites there will be or when open day will be think more details are to follow) hope this helps a bit mags:1:
I haven't bought a huge amount from TJC, but I have purchased a few pieces. I e-mailed them asking about the open day, but so far have heard nothing.
yvw Sammi , thx to all who replied. I bought a few iliana this yr and sammi if it not being too cheeky is it poss to see what you bought cause i a nosey old mare heehee i just had my pendant valued from safe guard and was well shocked paid £499. and came back at £1100. so best pleased also i bought a solitaire diamond ring and had that done too came back far more that expected paid £649 came in at £1700 so well chuffed.



But alas not allowed ring until 24th oct and not allowed pendant till xmas boo hoo .
The Customer Champagne Open Day is Saturday 8th November

Whoo-hoo.. oh oh .. that's a great day they have chosen.. it must be the beginning of Christmas in Entertainment World...

Disneyland Paris opens their 'Fairytale Christmas' on the same day .. so does the Thursford Christmas Spectacular show start in Norfolk..

All very exciting.. well done TJC for doing this for your Customers! :1:

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