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Has anyone else got a Northern Nights feather bed?

Have sent mine back as no way was a double, I think they must skimp on the size.
Has anyone else got a Northern Nights feather bed?

Have sent mine back as no way was a double, I think they must skimp on the size.

Yes Graham I have one, mine is double and there is ample room, bet they have sent you a single or you got a dud. Hope you get it sorted out and they send you the correct size. When you do get it you will love it, so comfy and luxurious.:10:
I have a SK and its quite neat on the bed. Ok in lenght but about an inch too little on either side.
I've wondered about this.

I've had my feather bed for about three years. I have a 3/4 size mattress and a double sized feather bed, yet the feather bed only just covers the mattress. It's fine for the bed I now have but if I graduate to a double bed in future I'd have to buy a new FB too.

Over the years whenever I've been "maintaining" the feather bed (i.e. shaking it back into shape) I've often wondered how those with double beds sleep. Wouldn't you roll off the edge of the feather bed and on to the edge of the mattress?

Maybe I should have sent mine back too.
I was reading reviews on a feather bed that was aired yesterday as my friend was intrested for her Mam, and the reviews were only 2.1 out of 5. One of the criticisms was they were not fitting the mattress. The other main one was being pricked by the feathers.
I've got a NN Kingsize Feather Bed, It runs about an 1/8 inch short of the matress all the way round. From my understanding that is how a feather bed should be so that it holds well under the fitted sheet, rather than slides around... or maybe I'm just gullible.
Same here Graham. I have a double bed and the double feather bed is about an inch to small all the way around. It also wanders around the bed but I wouldn't be without the comfort
My KS was a few inches small all round.

It was lovely initially but I soon grew to hate it - it was too heavy to fluff daily so went as flat as a pancake. Plus I kept getting poked by feathers.

I eventually got rid of it and treated myself to a maintenance-free memory foam topper. Bliss.
I think they can be a bit hit or miss, depending on which one you buy. I have 820685 which was a one time only the other night so I bought a 2nd one for me, and one for my son. The one I bought last year is fab but before then and since then, I've sent half a dozen others back because the quality was rubbish - really poorly made and not big enough :31:
The one I had, seemed too short. Maybe it's not supposed to cover the whole bed, but I'm tall and hated either not having it where my feet were or finding that the pillow was lower at the top if I had the feather bed lower.

I had mine for a year or so, but all the constant adjusting it and shaking it out drove me mad!

All very well all this "sleeping on a cloud" business if you've got time to faff about with it all the time! But I'm probably just a lazy g*t!! :)

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