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Jun 24, 2008
At lunchtime, the watch is lovely, as are the blue topaz studs, shiva eye ring 99% sure, and the pearl silver swirly earring are smaller than expected but lovely, so I think they are all keepers!
The white opal ring is awful, the stone is clear as glass in the centre but very cloudy looking on the outer bit, not nice at all.
I've also been wearing my multigem silver ring today, when I went into the daylight I've noticed how rough it looks around the stones and also a tarnishy look, like it's not been finished properly, I think I'm gonna send it back as looks faulty to me!
Apart from the kama bracelet sent back, which I sent in a bubble envelope, I've not sent anything back before, so do I send the items back in the package that they arrived in it's not UPS but similar, and cover my address with the rocks returns label?
I haven't returned many items to Rocks either.

What I tend to do though is turn the delivery bag they came in inside out and stick the Rocks label on that! I feel that the delivery bag is good and strong so why not reuse it?!

Hope this helps.
Hi thats what i do too ,turn the bag inside out and re-use ... i too sent the opal ring back it just didnt seem like opal to me... mine was very clear and i love opal.
Is that the opal & silver ring? I recently got the opal ring in gold & I'm really pleased with it.

I also turn my DPD bag inside out and re-use that because it also makes it waterproof. I put them back in the bubble wrap bag first.

I'm expecting a delivery today but it hasn't yet arrived - he's usually here about 2.30 so I expect he's been delayed with the weather :-( Looking forward to seeing the morganite ring in rose gold.
gone back now, used a jiffy bag in the end, and special delivery to be on the safe side, the opal ring was horrid, if that was an opal, I'll eat hay with a donkey!

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