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£1 megadrop

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Jun 24, 2008
I have just got off the phone to sit-up regarding the letter i recieved last week and have been told from september everyone will be limited to 1 megadrop per week. so typical sit-up have to ruin everything.

As far as i can see you will be able to buy as many as you want then they will cancel all but 1 and therefore get away without sending out the majority of them.

They might as well just stop doing the megadrops altogether. Its simply not worth watching for a few hours if you can only get 1 a week.

I wont be watching in september. So good luck to all of those who will be and i hope you get something good. and 1 other thing if they barr accounts once you get 1 then they will loose money from people who would buy more expensive items such as me last night with the hard disk recorder and vcr combo and what if someone buys 2 items then they both megadrop. Im sure some people will find a way around it though.
They never bother replying to my questions, such a shame sit-up never change.
So what happens to people who pre-bid online if they get more than 1 megadrop?

When you watch the channel live you can sort of guess when the megadrops will happen, but if you pre-bid online (which i do occasionally) and just happen to get 2 megadrops in 1 week, will we be penalised for it and have the cheapest megadrop item cancelled or account barred? Or am i missing an important point here?

When price-drop did megadrops in June i managed to get (by chance) 2 megadrops in 3 days, they still cancelled 1 and it was the best 1. I got the Andrew Collinge ceramic hair straighteners and the vizion 4gb mp4 player but of course they didn't send me the mp4 player! Those were the first ever megadrops i had got in sit-up's 8yr history and i have shopped with them since they started in 2000.

What with all the other s*it-up's recently i am seriously thinking of not buying from them again.
Dont hink I will buy from them again either. I order lost of stuff pre-paid/ordered online and always get my item without any problem. I must have got about 20 items over the last 6 months with no problem what so ever.

Last month 2 of my items went as mago drops and had pre-paid/ordered on line as usual, I did not get any of them:mad:

Have since ordered another 2 items, not maga drops and got them without any problems:rolleyes:

Whats going on:confused::confused:
Surely they must be breaking consumer 'laws'? They don't say "You might not get this even if you win it". Do they?


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