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Gracie T

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Aug 20, 2009
I really like Loen .... but since having her hair cut and watching her this morning presenting Rio ... I have to say she is looking like a transvestite in very bad drag :cheeky:
i love her to bits but she does seem to wear some very erm, un-flattering outfits for her particular body shape/size. no idea, but perhaps she has to wear some of them if they'll be coming up in any fashion shows?

i would hate to see myself on tv! it seems to distort things all over the place!! you think you look fab, then see yourself on screen...*faints*
I think she is fab ... I'd love to see her on QVC ... She makes me laugh so much and I just tune in to watch her ... yes the jacket was from a show she did later that morning ... I think she is a very attractive woman...just don't think her hair suits her
I've said it before, Loen is probably my fave presenter on IW or QVC. I also think that she's very pretty. However, I think that her hair will look better in a month or so, when it's grown a bit.
She had a cryptic email from her mum earlier, she was so funny going on about it.:hi:

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