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Apr 18, 2024
How is this dreadful self-obsessed women still on TV? I don't remember her being this bad on Bid, or the old ideal world !
The constant references to her socials, even name checking her own YouTube channel grates on me !
Did you know she went to India recently and the airline lost her baggage, shame they didn't loose her too, them poor kids over there are probably included in her next blog, flippin nora bet they were glad to see the back of her, I'm sure she must have told them about her time living in a caravan, whilst dressed in her latest, what she calls Boho style, from her friends shop no doubt!
Flippin eck the last 6 months have been bad, she's put on weight, her hair has fallen out and her eczema is the worse it's ever been but all will be fine now she's drinking her body weight in collagen.
I'm sure some people may enjoy hearing her life story over and over again, and follow her adventures on Instagram, tiktok and every other platform where she can inflict herself.


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I know one person who should be ashamed of themselves...


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