L'Occitane TSV 28/06/24


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I am more interested in the almond body cream.

They have the jar and the refill to buy at the moment for £45.00 so this is going to be a close call when it comes to price 😊


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It was a special but my store had stock for a few weeks. I bought a few.
So did I…. Quite a few 😂
It’s a really good cream.

Ohhhhh I did not know they did a dupe of this as well - I will have to keep an eye out for it! 👍
They did the almond shower oil too, and a tube of scrub.
L'occitane TSV 27/06/24

Choice of Almond Flower or Classic Almond

500ml Shower Oil
150ml Hand Cream
200ml Milk Concentrate
Great set, and finally one with the body cream! I might be tempted because the body cream alone is over 40€ which I am not willing to pay. There was a different TSV with an almond body lotion some years ago which I loved, so when the price is reasonable...besides, I like the other two products as well.
L’Occitane 3 Piece Almond Collection TSV 28/06/24 (Almond Flower or Classic Almond)

500ml Shower Oil RRP £36 + post
150ml Hand Cream RRP £33 + post
200ml Milk Concentrate RRP £45.50 + post

Total RRP £114.50 + post


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I've never been a fan of the almond shower oil and as I don't like the fragrance, I'm not interested in anything else in the range. I was tempted by their recent skincare TSV but my stash is well stocked at the moment, so didn't succumb.
Yet again it's the same old shower oil! Some of us don't like it. Sorry not sorry.
I came out in an awful rash after using this almond oil in a bath. It was so bad that I had to get antibiotics and hydrocortisone cream to clear it up. Took 3 weeks so never again! I had no clue that it would have that result on me because I’m not allergic to anything and can eat nuts etc 🥺
Yet again it's the same old shower oil! Some of us don't like it. Sorry not sorry.
The only time I tried it it made the bath so slippery that I almost did myself a mischief. They didn’t warn about that possibility in the presentation. 😳 I’m steering well clear of it now.

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