Lee and Pollyanna Wedding Pics


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Here's a few more pics from the day xx


  • Paschalis Wedding shots 033.jpg
    Paschalis Wedding shots 033.jpg
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more pics x


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    Paschalis Wedding shots 060.jpg
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WOW pollyanna what beautiful photos you both look so happy and in love, looks like you had a wonderful day and you both look stunning (so does the venue) thanks so much for sharing x
Beautiful pics Pollyanna and you look stunning. Love your dress - gorgeous. Hope you'll both be very happy.
What lovely photos. :heart::heart: Thanks so much for sharing!!. Your dress looks absolutely beautiful, as does the venue (where was it??)

Congratulations to you both!!

Beautiful photos Pollyanna, you both look so happy together, long may it continue.
Just beautiful, you are a stunning couple, I bet you will have beautiful children. Pollyanna you looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress and the day looked perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your Special Day with us and the YT vid made it all very real. Wishing you a very long and happy marriage.....don't forget to show us nosey mares the baby pics in due course. :Button it Sue!!!: :D :pPC:
Dear Pollyanna,
You look so happy with Lee. Your dress is beautiful and it looks like you had a lovely day. Thank you for sharing your moment with us.
My very best wishes to you both.

Gorgeous! Many congratulations to both of you again and best wishes for a long and happy life together.
Thank you so much everyone, you are so kind, it was a fab day :) it was at Gosfield Hall in Essex, professional pics are on their way, so they'll be up soon, glad you like them and the vid xxxxxxx

Ps, glad you like the dublin trip gemcherub....lol x
Gorgeous photos Pollyanna - you and Lee look incredibly happy. Your dress is stunning by the way! Oh and Lee's brushed up well too!

Just a small thing ........... that microphone in the first two photos looks like it could have caused Lee an injury had he moved quickly :giggle:
You both look so loved up! The bloke in your wedding video reminded me so much of Simon Thomas (ex-blue peter presenter), all your friends look such gorgeous people. What a happy day you had. Wishing you all the very best for your future together, and thanks for letting us share your special day. xxx
Thanks for posting up the pics and video Pollyanna, you both looked stunning! I'd like to wish you both all the very best for your future happiness together. x

Ps Was that Simon Thomas (sky sports) i saw in the opening of your video? He and Lee look quite similar too!
Awe! what gorgeous photos'/video Pollyanna...your dress was amazing you looked beautiful...
Lee looked very handsome too... venue was fantastic...what a fairy tale wedding day!!

"Congratulations Pollyanna & Lee"!!!! wishing you both a long a happy future together!

Mirabelle xxx

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