Laura Geller Real Deal concealer.


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Jun 29, 2008
Has anyone bought and tried it?

Is it any good or just like any other concealer?
i had it in a tsv a while ago and although it does conceal it has a very odd consistancy on the demo of it it looked really thick but its not its very watery and mine split so have to shake it but doesnt really make much difference,i just cant get on with it, also in the demo laura said it would cover tatoos but i seriously doubt that
The one I got is very thick and very drying. I wouldn't recommend it tbh. I got the TSV it came with and didn't rate the foundation either, that's very dry too.
I would go as far as saying this is the worst concealer I have ever tried,gloopy and horrible and far too much coverage for small blemishes.
It felt more like theatrical make up tp me.
I normally love Laura Geller,but not this.:23:
Ah well, trust me to rock the boat lol - I got this in the last TSV, I actually really like it - it had seperated a bit in the tube, but I shook it up and it's been fine since. You only need like, the smallest amount of it, and it's worked on covering my dark circles and breakouts fine. With some B&B over the top it's great. My previous concealer was only a really cheap one though so I know there's probably an even better one out there somewhere - this just made a big difference to my skin compared to the 99p one I'd been using ;)
Without doubt - the best concealer I have ever used.I have dry sensitive skin - excema breakouts etc but this product has sufficient oiliness - you do have to shake it as it does separate in the bottle. I love the stuff and will be buying more from an ebay seller when this tube is finished.
What the f*** do you have to conceal Hampton? You look stunning..I cannot imagine you need to use a concealer.:1:
Just goes to show that it works then yazrose lol.

Today and for the past two days- I have an almighty zit on my chin lol. My OH took photos on New Years Eve and he very kindly informed me this morning that he had done a brilliant job in Photoshopping my pimple out of the pics lol. I thought my Laura Geller had covered it pretty well but the flash obviously had other ideas pmsl.

seriously I get very few spots but I dont have very good skin. Have quite a few chicken pox scars and as I've mentioned suffer with excema so I have tried loads of concealers and this is the best - for me anyway :)
Thanks Hampton..................but my goodness you do look stunning in your piccies.
Thanks for the compliment - I truly am not.

However, I think after 53 years, I have learned how to make the best of my good bits and disguise the bad ones. Its all an illusion lol:14:
you are not 53.................I don't believe that you are don't look it!!!!!!!!!!!

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