Just 2 wee things please TJC?


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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
Recently I have been TJC's greatest ambassador and I genuinely believe they are the best Jewellery Channel by far.

However, two things that are really annoying me (yes I know I'm easily annoyed) are these:-

1. Chloe Marshall, who comes across as a very nice lady, appears to have an obsession with Cheryl Cole! She is ALWAYS saying "this is the sort of thing you would see Cheryl Cole wearing". I HATE BLOO*Y CHERYL COLE!!! I don't care what she wears or doesn't wear and I am sick hearing her name. PLEASE Chloe give us a break and pick someone else!

2. I heard Liz Fuller do the TJC usual today when she said "You don't want a clear Emerald". Yes we do but we can't afford one! PLEASE TJC can you organise a training day and get Derek to teach everyone about Emeralds because he's the only one who appears to know anything about them.

Thank you :happy:

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