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Mar 17, 2020
Firstly, this isn't just aimed at Rocks TV, but as it appears to be the busiest of the sections I decided to post it in here to try and establish what we really want from the channels. I've tried to make a list of my 'wants' and then justify why the channels should provide each one. In some cases I may appear pedantic, but hey, thats just me, but I really am interested to see if most of us feel the same. These are in no particular order as to me, they are all equally important.

1) Quality of product. Speaks for itself, but I don't care if I am spending £5 or £500 I expect decent quality. I don't mind paying a little more to get something that lasts.

2) Customer Service. What on earth is the point of selling the most fabulous products if CS lets you down.

3) Speedy delivery and where applicable refunds. If I order something I don't want to wait weeks on end for it, and likewise if I return something I don't want to wait weeks for the monies to re-appear in my account.

4) Dare I say this - decent presenters. I want clear accurate and detailed descriptions of the item. I couldn't care less if Cheryl Cole, Beyonce or Lady Muck from Turd Hill owns a particular stone. I could care about the grading of the diamond, the hardness of the stone, any treatments, and a big thing, the aftercare. Is it suitable to wear on a daily basis? Will any treatment fade? Should I wear the stone in bright light? etc etc etc I want to see clean and tidy hands presenting the piece. If I saw an advert for lipstick on a model with rotten teeth would I buy the lipstick? No! I know the teeth are nothing to do with the lipstick but it would put me off and untidy hands showing me a ring will do the same. I don't want to hear shrieking, watch someone wriggle about like she has itching powder in her pants, or hear about what they had for dinner last night!

5) Information video's. I'm more on about the stones, or the rhodium plating of white gold (how may channels tell us that white gold items will need replating if heavily worn?) Show us the treatments please! If we have the information the more likely we are to make a decision, rather than decide not to as we don't know if x stone has been treated. If I adore a piece of lets say Pariaba coloured diamond with sky blue pink dots in, as long as I know its been lasered, diffused, drilled and coated I may well still buy it, in the knowledge I'm getting just that. I don't want to think it came out of the ground like that if it didn't. The design video's are good, but not, to me, the most important.

6) Secure payments - having had now 2 frauds done on my account I need to feel assured that it isn't happening from any of the channels I buy from.

7) Decent studio's and music. Pedantic this one, but no loud coloured studios, or loud music. I'm wanting to be able to pay full attention to the lovely bling, not be distracted by other things!

\What about you?

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