I've ordered.... a flyflot!!!!!!


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I won't laugh because I have several pairs of Flyflots, including boots, and they're really comfortable. I bought my first pair off IW, but now I go to the Pavers shop and get them from there.
I never ever thought I would, but I've actually gone and ordered this http://www.idealworld.tv/Ladies_Fly_Flot_Leather_Patent_Diamante_Mules_150340.aspx?
I must be mad after all the flak I've given them (flylots and IW!!) I can hear you all laughing.....:cheeky:

<a href="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fwww.smileycentral.com%252F%253Fpartner%253DZSzeb008%255FZNxpt484YYGB%2526i%253D36%252F36%255F11%255F6%2526feat%253Dprof/page.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_11_6.gif" alt="SmileyCentral.com" border="0"><img border="0" src="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fimgfarm%252Ecom%252Fimages%252Fnocache%252Ftr%252Ffw%252Fsmiley%252Fsocial%252Egif%253Fi%253D36%252F36_11_6%2526uiv%253D3.0/image.gif"></a> Just remember that you can't kick a footie in them or they'll flyoff. xxx
ooooooh it's like a tarted up Birkis isn't it?

I bet it will be more comfy than Birkenstocks too. :D

I love flyflots - i'm not that old, but i do have joint and arthritis problems and so for one of my jobs, I wear a pair of what i'd call frumpy flyflots all the time. I've lost track of how many people have said how nice they are! (no not short-sighted grannies either lol). I have some less frumpy toe post style too.

As for Kaftans, well........*confession time* I do have one or two but they aren't IW, they are original malaysian batiq ones and a tie dye one :D
Oh nooooooooooooooo, the Aliens have taken over Petpixie, I think it's time for an intervention. Argey, get on your scooter, and we'll meet you there, I'll hold her down, while the others beat some sense in to her :4:
I knew you lot would make me doubt myself! However I don't care coz I think they're luvverly. They'll go great with the strait-jacket .:clapping:
I'm just hoping the next step isn't pm-ing Mrs J to ask for her best kaftan tips. :blush: (oh how I used to laugh.......)
I just want to categorically state for the record, that although I have succumbed to the lure of the fleaflap, I will never ever fall into the kaftan trap. I feel once you've donned one of them babies, it's truly all over.

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