Is anyone going to report this channel to OFCOM/ASA?


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May 16, 2009
Once again they are showing recorded price auctions and I cannot believe viewers are buying the goods!

I've just seen a repeat from yesterday evenings auction of the Ipod Docking Station. The presenter is at one point, pointing at graphics which aren't on the screen, when they appear on the screen she is saying theres 5 left at £50 when on-screen its showing 13 left at £62 (or something along those lines). I wondered what they were going to do if they 'sold out' of them before the finished talking but the onscreen graphics just showed 1 in stock for about 8mins while the presenter is saying there's 3 left.

The big giveaway that it was a repeat was because the presenter said it was Saturday night (when its Sunday) and the clock on the docking station said it was 18:16 when infact the time was 17:25!

They haven't got any graphics on screen saying it's not live and it is a total disgrace IMHO.

Graham can you help in any way?
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This is where I get so annoyed with the ASA, IMO they should monitor this channel for a week, maybe the answer is to report every single code break that they make, it IMO is a disgrace to the Industry.

If the bloke said Hoover once the other night when selling another brand iof Handheld he must have said it well over 20 times, are the presenters not given the rules to read before being put in front of the camera?

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